10 Fun Facts About Canada on Canada Day

Oh, Canada! An ode to the majestic Country of Canada today, a place where some might call the best part of North America. Today officially marks the first day of July, and also a special day for all Canadians. Check out these fun and quirky facts about a country that has so much to offer besides Hockey, maple syrup, and a spectacular landscape that is just simply undeniable.

  1. How many points are on the Canadian flag’s maple leaf? The correct number is 11! 
  2. 1982 is the year that Canada officially became its own country. 
  3. Feel like sending some good ol’ fashioned snail mail? You can send mail to Canada’s government, for free! 
  4. Your favorite sport of Basketball was invented in Canada. 
  5. Out of Canada’s 35 million people, 9.5 million people speak French. 
  6. 77% of the world’s maple syrup is made in Quebec! 
  7. There are an astounding 1,453 airports in Canada. 
  8. Speaking of spectacular landscapes…Canada has more lakes than all other countries combined! Good or bad?
  9. There are only eight other countries that are deemed to be less corrupt than Canada. 
  10. 80% of all alcohol consumed in Canada is beer! 

There are way more fun facts about Canada that we can share, but we want to take this time to let you tell us what you love most about this great country, on their special day. One thing we can say, most stereotypes about Canada are typically pretty awesome!


Photo via Flickr by s.yume

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