10 of the Coolest Backpacks on the Block to Buy for Back to School

KarmaKiss is the best place for innovative and unique backpacks that you might not find anywhere else. From bubbles to spikes to practical, check out our countdown of the top 10 backpacks for back-to-school and beyond.

  1. Backpack number one won’t just blow by anyone. The Madpax Dinosaur Spikes Half Backpack Streamer features signature Madpax spikes with a functional inside that holds everything a kid needs for a new school year.
    Madpax Dinosaur Spikes Half Backpack - Streamer
  2. Preschoolers need the Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack Rabbit to make them feel like big kids with a proportional level of storage–all made extra fun with the whimsical Eco Snoopers rabbit on board. Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack Rabbit
  3. Love purple? Madpax does it again with their Madpax Bubble Full Backpack Slurple. With signature Madpax bubbles and a vibrant purple exterior, this backpack makes an entrance and an exit but keeps shoulders comfortable with padded, adjustable straps. Madpax Bubble Full Backpack Slurple
  4. Smart woodland creatures are the perfect backpack companion for little ones. Who-oo knows more about going back to school than the wise owl? The Animal Backpack Collection Owlfeatures lots of pockets and bright graphics. BAG946-KK ANIMAL BACKPACK COLLECTION - OWL
  5. An easy, back-saving alternative to the traditional backpack is our “Pets” Messenger Bag Dog Orange. Made to be carried messenger-bag style, this slim bag offers a subtle pet-loving design and lots of interior and exterior pockets to store all of your kids valuables and school supplies. "Pets" Messenger Bag Dog Orange
  6. Another fun Madpax backpack makes our list with their Madpax Blok Full Backpack Wild Blue Yonder. Made with an innovative and futuristic design called shield/block, this backpack is sleek, sturdy and unique with lots of room for packing school or gym supplies with ease. Madpax Blok Full Backpack Wild Blue Yonder
  7. Yoga aficionados need their own storage transport for bags and straps and extra clothes. The Trumpette Large Schlepp Bag Yoga Grey is the perfect solution with a fun graphic design that lets everyone know in one word, your exercise preference. Trumpette Large Schlepp Bag Yoga Grey
  8. Just need to transport a few snacks and want to keep them cool? The Small Cooler Bag Brown Birdis the perfect option to bring snacks with its fun, appealing graphics and petite size that makes it a great lunch box option as well. 
  9. Need the perfect little black backpack? The Alchemy Goods Madison Backpack is like the Coco Chanel of all backpacks. Made in always-fashionable black with sleek styling, this backpack has lots of storage including a 13″ laptop pocket. Alchemy Goods Madison Backpack
  10. Baggu is for you. The Baggu Poppy Recycled Cotton Canvas Eco-Backpack features all that Baggu is known for: eco-friendly materials and attention to detail with an ease of use. Simple styling makes this an everyday backpack option for every age. 
Explore these KarmaKiss backpack options and other style offerings from these brands and more. Whether you are backpacking in the deep woods or deep school hallways, there is a backpack for everyone!

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