20 of the Cutest Pups on National Dog Day

On August 26th, it’sNational Dog Day! Also known as World Dog Day or National Dog Appreciation Day, this celebration is for recognizing the number of dogs that need to be rescued every year. It also serves to acknowledge the dogs that work to save lives, bring us comfort, and keep us safe. For all dogs everywhere, we salute you with a sampling of our 20 cutest pups:

  • The Alaskan Malamuteis one of the oldest sled dogs in the Arctic, with a super thick coat and muscular body, plus an affectionate personality.

Photo Via Flickr by paul+photos=moody

  • Like Lassie,Collies are devoted and graceful, as well as highly intelligent, with a fully luxurious coat that needs great care.

Photo via Flickr by Gary_Troughton

  • Friendly, mellow, and the “gentlemen of the dog breed,”English Setter loves a lot of exercise to keep its body and mind in shape.

Photo via Flickr by marcia-oc

  • All-red in color, theIrish Terrier is a bold, stouthearted, and speedy dog, known as “the daredevil” because it’s so active.

Photo via Flickr by Kathleen Tyler Conklin

  • Totally sweet and patient,Newfoundlands are devoted dogs who are famously wonderful companions that enjoy being somewhat active.

Photo via Flickr by Tracy Lee

  • Don’t let this little guy’s face fool you — Miniature Schnauzers may look kind of grumpy, but they’re very obedient, friendly, and smart, making them a very popular dog breed.

Photo Via Flickr by Reuben Yau

  • Beagles are miniature foxhounds with short coats. They love lots of exercise and being active because as scent hounds, they’re used to hunting.

Photo via Flickr by B, K & G

  • Another member of the hound group,Dachshunds are curious and spunky, originally developed in Germany to hunt badgers.

Photo via Flickr by Soggydan

  • Smart and adaptable, but not terribly athletic, theFrench Bulldog features distinctive bat ears, a compact build, and a smooth coat.

Photo via Flickr by Stijn Hosdez

  • By contrast, the hypoallergenicPortuguese Water Dog is athletic and adventurous, willing to keep up on land or in the water.

Photo via Flickr by 2Tales

  • A perennial favorite, theGolden Retriever is well-known for being devoted, friendly, outgoing, and great with families and people in general.

Photo via Flickr by RD_Elsie

  • With a charming, playful, and gentle disposition,Malteses are part of the toy group and have long and beautiful white coats that need daily care.

Photo via Flickr by nicwn

  • Alert and ready for action, the inquisitiveRussell Terrier is a highly intelligent and confident breed that loves playtime.

Photo via Flickr by Emery_Way

  • With such a regal name, it’s no wonder theCavalier King Charles Spanielhas a glamorous coat — but it’s also known for being gentle and affectionate.

Photo via Flickr by stirwise

  • Lively and full of personality,Pomeranians are active toy dogs of Nordic descent that love to please.

Photo via Flickr by Thanate Tan

  • Boston Terriersare a non-sporting dog breed that are friendly, amusing, compactly built, sturdy, and native to America.

Photo via Flickr by swambo

  • The Glen of Imaal Terrier, a medium-sized and long, double-coated working terrier, is named for the region in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland where it was developed.

Photo via Flickr by naniantero

  • Outgoing and funny with a double coat and tons of charm, theHavanese is the national dog of Cuba and the only breed native to that country.

Photo via Flickr by the other Martin Taylor

  • Australian Shepherds are smart, work-oriented dogs with exuberant personalities that love vigorous daily exercise.

Photo via Flickr by Trick 68

  • Droopy in face but patient and low-key, theBasset Hound is a great family pet due to its easygoing nature and extreme devotion.

Photo via Flickr by TrevorLowe

Which dog is your favorite breed?

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