9 Awesome Gadgets to Keep Kids Busy Before Summer is Over

Summer boredom is the kiss of pain for moms. When my kids start complaining that they are bored, I encourage them to read, play or do chores before they even say the dreaded three words:

I Am Bored.”

To combat summer boredom in the three categories of read, play, chores; these nine KarmaKiss options are the first line of kid defense against boredom.

1. When fireflies dance outside, late night Summer reading takes place inside. Reading under the covers is even more fun when kids use the Melissa & Doug Flashlight Bibi Bee to illuminate everything from Harry Potter to the Magic Treehouse series.

2. Say Hello to the Hello Books Robot Mission DIY Book Kit and introduce fun creativity to Summer afternoons when the rain comes.

3. My kids spend a lot of time on the computer playing Minecraft or Terreria. The Mac Keyboard Cover Flapjacks in Pink Chalkboard or Limelight is the perfect way to lighten up the Summer and enter some extra fun characters as they battle Creepers.


4. Even if they aren’t in school, kids can always stand to have their brains teased a bit (instead of just teasing their siblings). The Pagoda Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzle – Cone is a great way to take a brain break.


5. An army of the Robot No-fall Wind Ups are the perfect options to start home or neighborhood robot races. Wind them up, say go and make some no-tech fun for everyone.


6. When things get too stressful with summer camps and playmates, take a break for family yoga with the Yoga Mat Kids Lotus 14×36 that offers kids a fun way to do kid-friendly yoga with flowers lined up to simple yoga positions.


7. Family fun games like the Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Gamebrings everyone together after hot dogs on the grill and a day of pool time.

8. It’s Chalk Summer! Nothing says Summer quite like drawing with the chalk. The Shark Chalkboardlets kids draw chalk pictures all Summer and into the Fall.


9. Summer seems to have shrunk from years gone past with only a few short weeks of long days to play. Remind kids that each day of summer is the best day ever when you pack up picnic lunches, swimsuits and snacks in the Alexandra Ferguson Tote Bag Best Day Ever Stone / Fuchsia 16″ x 16″.


A few simple gadgets and fun activities can add even more fun to the short kid weeks of Summer. Let Karmakiss deliver Summer to your kid’s doorstep today!

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