Cuddle Up with Some of These Reads on Book Lover’s Day

Book lovers love books every day of the year. On August 9th, Book Lover’s Day, they have an entire day devoted to finding a fun, new read to explore. Today, we take a look at new books for everyone from the youngest reader.

  • The first book that is getting pages turned this fall is What Pet Should I Getby Dr. Seuss. Never seen by the public, this Dr. Seuss picture book is written in his inimitable style and promises to be loved by children and adults alike as they explore the sweet moment of finding a pet in Dr. Seuss rhyme.

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  • Another book lost for years but recently rediscovered and published is Go Set a Watchmen by Harper Lee. Her first and only other published book, To Kill a Mockingbird, was an instant classic. Time will tell if Go Set a Watchmen follows in that vein but it offers adults a new view into Harper Lee’s mind and thoughts about the contemporary world she wrote about in the Civil Rights-era South. Will Atticus and Scout embark on a new page-turning journey? Harper Lee’s writing offers an entirely new era of readers the opportunity to find out where these beloved characters are and how the 50’s affected them.
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  • Stressed with school starting? Want to take a trip into fantasy land? The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdomby Chris Colfer may be just the answer to take you into fantasyland for a few pages. The Baileys have to stop the Masked Man who is running amuck in the Land of Stories. Fairy tale characters all come to his rescue to help save the land.

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  • Historical fiction more your reading favorite? Check out The Einstein Prophecy by Robert Masello. Set in war-ravaged 1944, this novel focuses on a received Egyptian sarcophagus full of mystery and Einsteinian prophecies.

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  • If psychological thrillers keep you up reading at night, Follow You Home by Mark Edwards features a thriller that begins on a train and continues into London with twists and turns that you won’t expect.

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  • Another new thriller that promises to keep you guessing until the last page is The English Spy by New York Times bestseller Daniel Silva. Gabriel Alton returns to take on another thrilling international adventure in this page-turner extraordinaire.

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  • For a little frothier beach read, check out The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop by Carolyn Brown. Stella and Nancy explore the mother-daughter relationship in gossip-filled Cadillac, Texas. The Prayer Angels and Stella all meet up in the Yellow Rose Beauty Shop to scheme and gossip about everything from men to social events in this playful book.

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Whatever you do on August 9th and beyond, make sure it includes reading a new book or an old favorite! The question in your mind should always be…”What book should I get?”



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