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7 Super Fun Things to do With Your Friends Before Summer is Over

  • 2 min read

Friendship Day has gone and passed this year, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t embrace hanging with your friends before school begins again! As social creatures, we value the importance of good friends in our lives. Here are seven ways to have a good time with your bestie every day for the rest of Summer.

  1. Give them a card: In the digital age, giving or sending people paper stationery is a rarity. Show your friend you care with a handmade card, and write a sweet note inside about what they mean to you. They’ll cherish it for years to come!

Photo by wonderfully complex via Flickr

  1. Share a cocktail:Fix up a tasty drink for two. This BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool has 10 tools attached to help you make anything, from martinis and cosmopolitans to whiskey sours and muddled mojitos. Poolside lounging, anyone?

Photo by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

  1. Put together a photo album:You may have a collection of photos of you two on Instagram, but what about a physical photo album? Print out digital photos and put them together in an album. Turn it into a scrapbooking project and have fun reliving the memories.

Photo by queercatkitten via Flickr

  1. Picnic in the park: Gather up some salads and meats to grill, then set out to the park for a friendship picnic for two. Bring a frisbee to blankets to lie down in the grass. Invite the whole gang and make a day of it!

Photo by chillhiro via Flickr

  1. Host a movie marathon:Pick your favorite genre (think John Hughes films or 90s nostalgia) or just your favorite movies, then have your bestie over to appreciate the finest filmmaking you both enjoy. Make your own popcorn or baked goods, and quote your favorite lines with each other.

Photo by Gramophone Maryland via Flickr

  1. Head to the beach:Grab your sunscreen and enjoy some fun in the fun with your friend! Set up your towels for side-by-side tanning and talking, or bring a volleyball and strike up a game. The drive to the beach and laziness on the sand will give you both quality bonding time.

Photo by C.T. Chang via Flickr

  1. Organize a party:You may have a best friend, but there’s probably so many more you want to celebrate with! Get some cold ones stacked in the fridge, put out a plate of appetizers and finger foods, and blast some great tunes — make it a day to remember where you celebrate all of your friends!

Photo by noeljordan via Flickr

What crazy fun things did you and your friends get to do this Summer? Tell us what you’ve got planned for next year and what your last fun fling will be before you head back to school!

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