10 Reasons To Be Appreciative of Your Bro on National Brother Day

Do Bros come before anyone else? On National Brother Day, the answer is yes! Celebrating the brother in your life with these 10 reasons that brothers are the best.

1. If you don’t have a brother by blood, take this day to celebrate the bromance of a friendship. Show the “brother” that has always been there for you that he is important to you.

2. Your brother survived you being “mom’s favorite”. Show him that he was the best sibling in the world.

3. The teasing meant you loved him. Be appreciative that your brother stood by you even when you were giving him wet willies and never coming back to find him during hide-and-seek.
4. Driving lessons. If you had a bigger brother that took over the family driver’s ed or even let you drive his car–appreciate him for helping you discover the joy of your own wheels.
5. Giving you someone to follow. Whether you were literally following your big brother around or were just always striving to be like him, be thankful that you had a sibling to emulate and look up to.
6. Brothers have a bond stronger than Super Glue. Even if your brother lives far away, don’t forget to appreciate that bond that still ties you together across the miles.
7. Sharing. He may not have always shared the last cookie or let you have the biggest piece of cake. Be appreciative of him sharing your blood and your life. And the occasional Rice Krispie treat and Popsicle.
8. Girl advice. Girls are hard to understand sometimes. When you had your first girl friend and your first break-up, your brother was there for you with a punch on the shoulder and a story about his first crush.
9. Mom may have liked you best. However, on National Brother Day, say a quick thank you to your parents for bringing you an awesome brother.
10. The best reason to be appreciative of your bro on National Brother Day is the simplest: you have a brother! While you can shower him with bro gifts, you get the best gift of the day: a best bro.

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