12 Cheap Memorial Day Vacation Ideas


The three-day weekend. School is out. Families have their first opportunity for a short vacation. Celebrating the memory of our fallen heroes comes first! While longer vacations offer the chance to travel further away, the Memorial Day weekend can be a chance to explore a little closer to home–while still having fun as a family.

1. Learn a little as a family: Families on a budget can extend the Memorial Day weekend fun by purchasing an annual member to their local science museum, children’s museum or art museum. For the cost of night out to the movies, the annual pass gets families an entire year access to the local museum and many others with reciprocal memberships.
2. Visit local waterfalls and caves: Summer heat is already setting in. If the pool isn’t an option, head to cooler territories of local waterfalls and caves. Explore and hike. Take a picnic. Enjoy nature as a family.
3. Remember Memorial Day:  From attending Memorial Day outdoor concerts and fireworks to visiting the grave-sites of honored soldiers, sometimes the best way to remember the holiday is to do just that.
4. Camping weekend: Go camping. In your backyard or nearby. Roast hot dogs, sing camp songs, eat s’mores and sleep out under the stars.
5. Jump! Jump zones and trampoline places are popping up all over the country. Spend an afternoon jumping or exploring trampolines Ninja Warrior style. Another fun option is the other trendy family outing: Escape experiences where you have to escape a room with clues.
6. Dolls and Legos: There are more American Girl stores than ever. Take a trip to your local or nearby store. Reserve the special lunch or tea and do a little doll shopping. Lego Discovery stores and experiences are another fun option to enjoy as a family.
7. Get sporty! Take in a fun sporting event over the weekend. From hockey to baseball, there are many options for everyone in the family. Check on family ticket packages that often include the tickets, parking and even food.
8. Summer movies: The slate of new summer movies has started. Take in an early matinee to keep down on ticket prices. Make it a special treat by getting just that–movie theater candy for everyone!
9. Enjoy your own “backyard”:  If you live in Memphis and haven’t been to Graceland or in Chicago and have missed the Sears Tower, visit those touristy spots when everyone is traveling. Stay in a hotel downtown in your home town. Enjoy an architecture tour or Duck boat tour. CityPass options work well for local tours and museum options with a one-price option.
10. Walk and Eat: Another fun option for cheap fun over Memorial Day is to take a local walking or food tour trip of your town. See the city from an entirely new view or try local foodie favorites. Check Groupon for reduced price ticket options.
11. Up in the Air Memorial Day: brings air shows and hot air balloon spectacles to start off the summer. If you aren’t taking to the skies for an extended plane trip, take a family trip to an air show put on by the very military we honor over Memorial Day.
12. BBQ Time:  There is nothing to say that the three-day weekend requires complicated travel far away. Sometimes, the best choice is hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and some ice cream in the summer grass.
Whether you stay close to home or venture further away, the Memorial Day weekend can be full of inexpensive fun for all. Check local parenting and family pages, Groupon, and city pass options to save even more off of usual prices.

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