10 Things to Bring on a Picnic With Mom for Mother’s Day

With warmer weather in full swing, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the weather with mom on a lovely picnic. Treat the most special lady in your life to a relaxing and fun day out to show her how much you care. Here are 10 things to stash away in your picnic basket!


  1. You’ll need a bag large enough to carry all your picnic supplies. Luckily, theBlue Bicycle Large Cooler Bag ensures that your food is protected, with a spacious main storage compartment, plus detachable straps and an adorable bike print on coated linen.


  1. Whip out thisRoyal Diamond Bottle Opener while you get the dogs on the grill. The fun diamond shaped bottle opener is durable and strong so that you can pop off bottle caps with ease and get your party rockin’!BOT112 ROYAL DIAMOND BOTTLE OPENER


  1. Picnics don’t mean you can’t get crafty outside.Make a Moscow Mule, Whiskey Sour, or another summery cocktail with theBAR10DER Cocktail Spinner. Just add ingredients, spin, and serve for your mama.

  1. Planning to slice and dice on the go? TheFred and Friends Romeo and Julienne Cutting Board is a beautifully crafted beechwood cutting board that lets you cut lemons and limes for drinks, slice up tomatoes for burgers, or spread cheese and crackers for a relaxed yet elegant display.

Fred & Friends ROMEO & JULIENNE Cutting Board

  1. For those who brought a bottle of wine or two, use thisBottle Bolt Wine Stopper Set to stop the wine from flowing. Don’t squeeze the cork back in the bottle – these silicon wine stoppers come in red and gray so you can coordinator colors with bottle colors.


  1. Make sure you’ve got room for all the extras, like glasses and forks, by packing an extra bag. ThisLoqi Water Resistant Reusable Bag FRUTTI Watermelon is perfect for lightweight items and features a decidedly summer, bright pink and green watermelon print on both sides.Loqi Water Resistant Reusable Bag FRUTTI Watermelon
  2. If you want to have some juicy fruit during the hot weather, bring along thisParty Plate Wild Dining Party Animal Patricia Panda. Cleverly designed for a fresh and funky look to make your food fun to eat.Party Plate Wild Dining Party Animal Patricia Panda
  1. Rain or shine, you won’t want to cancel a picnic date with mom. This Color Wheel Umbrellais the perfect accent to a an already lovely day in the sun, or if it is raining, a great way to keep the vibe of your picnic date vibrant through the storm!

Color Wheel Umbrella

  1. For little picnic goers, thesePetits Et Maman Kids Ceramic Mug Rocket Spaceship mugs are made of ceramic, these adorable spaceship designed plates are the perfect size and material for kids who are dining outside.

  1. After the fanfare of the food, unwind with a fun puzzle — thisBamboo Brainteaser Puzzles will keep everyone entertained. It’s made from bamboo and seems simple enough. All you need to do is line up the colored blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Give it a try and see if you succeed!


What are your must-haves to bring to a picnic with mom? Tell us in the comments! Cheers to the mamas of the world!

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