10 Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

My boyfriend always tells me, “You women are never satisfied! When ya have one thing, you feel like you need just one more thing to complete your life.” Sadly, I agree with him! As women, we are nurturers, so having more is never too much for us – It is considered an abundance!

Who’s with me, lady friends? If you are, I’ve got a short gift list that you can hand over to your lover! Let’s hope they pick the right ones, just for you!

1. Gotta show our mommas love first! Surprise her with a fresh cup of joe on Valentine’s morning, in this Mom Owl Coffee Mug. You know how us women have to start our days off exactly right!


2. For the ladies who are hardcore entrepreneurs,or just those always on-the-go, safely store your laptop (filled with your life’shard work) in this stylish Wild & Wolf Ted Baker Laptop Sleeve.


3. Does your lovely lady do a lot of dish washing,cleaning, or maybe work in an environment where hand washing is very consistent? Hand her this Matryoshka Hand Cream to slip into her bag when her dry hands need a little TLC.


4. EVERY little lady will absolutely love this one –“The Queen Within” Greeting Card, Necklace & Charm. Knock out two birds with one stone by gifting your queen with this card + necklace combo!

5. Perfect for the woman whose partner travels frequently, or for the stay-at-home moms who need some quiet nap time – The Spoon Me Pillow is a great (and quiet) companion for cuddling or resting.


6. Are you with a woman who banes your existence every time you pick a flower or throw a plastic bottle into the trash instead of the recycle bin (We also like to call this type of person, a tree-hugger)? We’ve got you covered with this Grow It! Roses kit.

7. This Canvas Cosmetic Pouch by Thomas Paulis essential for every woman. Whether storing a case of makeup glam or just some chap-stick and moisturizer – This pouch can keep makeup separated from the rest of the world of lost things in a woman’s bag.


8. Accessories, accessories, and oh yea! More accessories! We can never have enough – Decorate her jewelry collection with this stunning Tagua Terra Adjustable Necklace (My fav is the emerald variation).


9. Ah, the new phase of social media blasting gym selfies and macro/micro counting meal calories. Thank you, 21st Century! Your gym-rat lady friend would have absolutely no hesitations to snap a photo of her brand new Trumpette Large Schlepp Gym Bag as a blast to all of her friends on the big V-Day!


10. Another overlooked accessory is a colorful,luggage tag for her travels. Discreet travel bags are nice to not draw attention to yourself at the airport, but help her out by adding a little pop of color to her luggage tag for easy pick up at baggage claim, with this JetSet Millefiori Luggage Tag!


Alright, take a deep breathe…You can do this! Karma Kiss sends you off with some Valentine’s Day Love and well wishes on your gift shopping for your special lady. Send us a message if you needed some additional assistance when you’re picking out the gift that’s “the one”- We know she’ll love her Valentine’s Day gifts!

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