Karma Kiss Knowledge: What is Chinese New Year All About?

What? New Years has passed already! In many parts of the world it has, but it’s yet to come for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. So like, what happens on Chinese New Year? What does that even mean? Karma Kiss is about to drop some knowledge on you. We’ll cover some of the basics that you’ll need and the beliefs of why the Chinese New Year is celebrated.


Like other Asian countries, this very special time of the year has ties to the cycle of agriculture -The cycle of life when you really think about it. As far back as the Zhou Dynasty, the emperor had the great responsibility of facilitating the calendar of agriculture. It was (and is today) vital to know when to till the soil and sow the seeds, as this is part of the source of our being.
The celebration of Chinese New Year lasts for several days, usually beginning with people sweeping their homes of illness, bad luck, and any thing else that can be let go from the past year. Throughout the celebration, spiritual rituals are practiced to pay respects to ancestors.  Burning ‘hell notes’, is a form of providing expenses for ancestors to travel and provide protection to the living relatives for the new year.
Ever seen the little red envelops with gold foil and other colorful designs? They’re known as Hóng Bāo in Mandarin, and are mainly presented during the Lunar New Year to symbolize a gift of good luck, warding off evil spirits, and typically given to children, unwed singles, and elders. A very well known tradition of the New Year, The Dragon Dance, is similar in symbolism as far as what the different colors mean, and how the movements of the dragon reflect one’s spirit.
Translated into English, “Chinese New Year” is “Xin Nian Kuai Le”. In ancient times “Nian” was a ferocious beast with the head of a lion and body of a bull. He lived in the mountains, and at the end of winter, attacked and ate everything it could in the peoples’ village when there was nothing left in the mountains. The people of the village lived in fear every year when it was time for Nian to pay his destructive visit. Through the years, they learned that the beast was afraid of three things: color scarlet, fire, and loud noise – Hence the traditions of how Chinese New Year is celebrated today.
Do you want to celebrate Chinese New Year this year? Research information on when and where it will be taking place in your neighborhood and see for yourself, what it is all about. As we enter the year of the sheep, we at Karma Kiss would like to wish all, Xin Nian Kuai Le!

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