Valentine’s Day 2015 – A Complete Gift List

Man, does the year go by ever so quickly! We’re already approaching Valentine’s Day, which is as special a holiday as any other throughout the year. We know it can be difficult to choose the right gift for your loved ones on a day where chocolates and flowers are so common. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and thrown in others just in case.

Here’s the good news, you can order your gifts right here from Karma Kiss! Take some of our advice and check out our Valentine’s Day complete gift list.

For the Cat Lover (yes, we love cats.):

  • KamkamKitty Cat Face & Tail Hoody– ME-OW! Spray some of your favorite scent on this hoody so your pooky can have a memory of you while the hoody keeps them warm.AKD706 KamKam Kitty Cat Face & Tail Hoody
  • Adopt A Big Cat Gift Box – Perfect for the ones who take charge for a cause or simply enjoy the idea of being able to say…”Yes, I have a cat. An endangered species somewhere on the other side of the world.”GR004 ADOPT A BIG CAT GIFT BOX
  • Recycled Cat Butts Coin Purse – Just for the chuckle. Great for those on a budget, no gift is ever “too small”. Besides, this gift has spunk, and will make your loved one laugh their butt off – No pun intended.BQA527 RECYCLED CAT BUTTS COIN PURSE

For the Homemaker:

  • BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending ToolEven if you’re not a bartender, who knows when you’ll have a little situation where you’ll have to quickly learn how?Always be prepared, and in an inconspicuous manner.BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool - Gray
  • Robot Chalkboard As organized and poised as one can be, a little reminder board wouldn’t hurt for ‘to-dos’, grocery lists, and parents’ favorite…Chores lists!BCB007-KK ROBOT CHALKBOARD
  • Duo Sparrow Key Ring and Key Holder– Tired of laying the keys on the counter? As a homemaker, it’s always the little details that make up the big picture. Keep a home happy by selecting decorations that fit the setting and can also be fully functional.Duo Sparrow Key Ring - Green & White Birds

For the Student:

  • Mojo The Crowd Backpack– Know someone who may be nervous for their first day of school? Get them started on the right foot, and send them off with this colorfully unique backpack! Now all they can be is proud to be the owner of something this awesome.Mojo The Crowd Backpack
  • Portable USB Power Bank Magic Bean– Charge up mobile devices on this portable USB power bean – Perfect for a day of stressful finals or just as a backup plan if there is a long study day ahead at the library.Portable USB Power Bank Magic Bean
  • Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag Doggy Bag – Keep your food sealed and neat, and your papers ready for presentation. It’s nice to have a little study snack in between classes, to get you through the day!Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag Doggy Bag

For Her or Him:

  • Porcelain Trinket Plate Unicorn– There are no words to describe how peculiar, yet amazingly awesome this is. Multiple uses recommended: candy plate, key holder plate, or purely brilliant décor accent to a living room.Porcelain Trinket Plate Unicorn
  • Love Mugs– A gift for two! Share the love with this set of Love Mugs that are like pieces to a puzzle…”Aww” moment, every time you sit together for some morning coffee or tea.AMG002-KK LOVE MUGS
  • Good Times- Chocoholic – Chocolate Lovers SetOkay, you can still hand out chocolates this year if you don’t want to break your usual Valentine’s gift traditions. Make it fun, make it unique, and make sure you order from KarmaKiss, deal?GR104 GOOD TIMES - CHOCOHOLIC - CHOCOLATE LOVERS SET
  • Tattly Temporary Tattoos Nautical Set Ever gotten a tattoo before? Want to scare mom with your very first one? If not daring enough, why don’t you and your boo tattoo each other for the holiday? These tattoos are temporary, but your love for each other is quite the contrary.Tattly Temporary Tattoos Nautical Set
  • Freaker Bottle Cover & Beer Koozie Glitter Happy Flag Are you two the kind of couple who likes to ‘bah-humbug’ these types of Holidays, but still feel obligated to buy gifts? Keep it simple! You buy the koozies, they’ll buy the booze to accompany for a most chill night in. What could be better?Freaker Bottle Cover & Beer Koozie Glitter Happy Flag

There you have it! 14 gifts, for the 14th day of February – Valentine’s Day. Need more help with selecting the gift that is “the one” for your sweetie? Contact us immediately to help you get your special someone the perfect gift this Holiday !

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