Owl Be There

Babies come by stork. The best gifts in the world come by owl – KarmaKiss Gifting Owl that is. Online shoppers at can get a box of gifts magically transported through the mail. My KarmaKiss Gifting Owl did a special makeover on gifts for everyone in my family (including me) from the practical to the artistic.

Loose plastic knives and forks and spoons…In my house, they look like a jumbled mess in my kid-styled kitchen. The KarmaKiss Gifting Owl decided to show me the stylish way to store fruit in my kitchen while offering up a modern art arrangement of the dreaded scattered silverware. The Utensil Fruit Bowlis that special bowl that I didn’t know I wanted. It is a little like a Picasso for the modern mom. Metal silverware melds together in a delicate, yet sturdy way to cradle after school apples, oranges and bananas. It is like a mini Metropolitan Art corner in the midst of suburban chaos. Thank you, KarmaKiss Gifting Owl!

As I admired our beautiful artistic kitchen addition, we were met with a crisis. My teenage son needed a watch to take to a math competition – A real watch with hands. Not his phone or iPad. A real-live, old-fashioned watch that wasn’t a Rolex, Tag Heurer, or even a Seiko. He needed a good solid watch option for a teenager.  I searched through the house…No watches. I called and scouted and searched. Some of the clerks didn’t even know what I meant, and referred me to the athletic section for a stop watch after admitting they had never seen a “real” watch. KarmaKiss Gifting Owl to the rescue again. The “Good” Children Watch Collection offered up a stylish, yet subtle watch in blue that was perfect for a 13-year-old (and his mom who also doesn’t own a watch).  The Good Children watches are made with sturdy materials that will stand the teenage test of time, while letting him know when the competition hour has passed. Who knew that such a retro idea would make a comeback? Take that iPhone!

Not to be outdone by her time-keeping brother, my daughter expressed her need for a morning wake up call that wasn’t in the form of a talking ‘Dora’ alarm clock – That was way too baby-ish. Her recent interest in marine biology made my next choice from the KarmaKiss Gifting Owl an easy one; The Dolphin Talking Alarm Clock is exactly what the description reads. Shaped like a whimsical happy dolphin, the Dolphin Talking Alarm Clock gently talks to wake you up, while keeping a stylish presence on her nightstand.

After searching for clocks and watches, mama needed a cookie. The KarmaKiss Gifting Owl was on the task before I could say, “Cookie Who, Cookie What?” The Owl Ceramic Cookie Jar served to hold Santa’s cookies but also to hold mama’s cookies while she put up the tree and wrapped. Not just a cookie jar, the Owl Ceramic Cookie Jar fits in perfectly nestled next to less functional owl figurines. Trendy and fun all at once, the Owl Ceramic Cookie Jar was the perfect place to hide the Milano cookies.

Last but not least, the KarmaKiss Gifting Owl even figured out the perfect gift for my furry friends. My black Lab/Dachshund mix had been begging me for a place to save his treat money for months. I told him I would ask the KarmaKiss Gifting Owl for the best option. The Gifting Owl came through with a Puppy Money Bank that looks just like him. He is keeping it in a safe place in the back of the doghouse while he saves up for his own Dog Talking Alarm Clock.

As I heard the Dolphin Talking Alarm Clock sing at midnight, I realized the KarmaKiss Gifting Owl had left the building. I looked to the subtle glint of the Utensil Fruit Bowland heard the quiet tick of The “Good” Children Watch Collection while I munched on a cookie from my Owl Ceramic Cookie Jar. The KarmaKiss Gifting Owl’s work was done at my house. She has been called away to another online shopper, desperate for solutions and surprises and the perfect gift.


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