13 Do’s and Don’t’s for Safe Trick or Treating on Halloween

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Thirteen might be viewed as an unlucky number but when it comes to Trick or Treating on Halloween; these thirteen tips can help kids stay safe.

  1. Wear brightly colored or white costumes to stand out in the dark.
  2. Apply glow tape, carry a glow stick or wear a glow necklace to costumes to further make kids stand out in the night. Carrying a flashlight is another great way to increase visibility.
  3. Use common sense safety rules when trick-or-treating. Cross at crosswalks. Look both ways before crossing streets.
  4. Walk on sidewalks if possible. Watch for cars leaving drive-ways as you move from house to house.
  5. Parents and teens need to be extra cautious when driving on Halloween. Be alert to the fact that small children that might be as visible are out walking. Watch when pulling out or making turns for children crossing the street.
  6. Don’t have kids wear costumes that obscure their vision in any way. From special effects contact lens to costumes with masks, kids should only wear costumes that give them full vision.
  7. Don’t let kids under 12 trick-or-treat alone. Parents should accompany smaller children and older kids should trick-or-treat in a group.
  8. Parents should examine all candy or treats before kids eat or play with them. While unwrapped treats may be just as appealing, it is safer to stick to pre-wrapped options.
  9. Keep costumes safe by making sure they fit well and don’t have any loose or cumbersome aspects that might trip a child.
  10. Kids should never go in any home without a parent or caregiver present.
  11. Be cautious around any open flames or candles. Try to choose a costume that resists flame but keep a safe distance from any fires including bonfires or fire pits.
  12. Parents can put a restriction on candy consumption or encourage next-day donation at businesses that encourage trade-ins of candy for money or small toys.
  13. Avoid the neighborhood trick-or-treating altogether and instead attend an indoor trick-or-treating event at an area mall.
By following a few simple steps, Halloween can be safe and fun for everyone!

Photo via Flickr by Jim, the Photographer

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