10 Gifts to Win Over Your MIL on Mother-in-Law Day

The mother-in-law. The infamous mother by marriage and not by birth. Often vilified, she has become a bit of an urban legend. Instead of making mom-in-law a bad word or a bad person; instead try celebrating her role as the person who gave birth to your spouse, your other half!

KarmaKiss knows how to celebrate mother-in-laws. Gift her with one (or more) of our fun gifts for the mother-in-law who might have everything but is only looking for your heart (not on a silver platter or literally!)

For the artsy mother-in-law, our Tagua Kayuna Adjustable Necklace (available in Forest or Aqua) is also eco-friendly. No elephants were harmed in its creation and no spouses will be harmed when your MIL opens up this gorgeous piece of art.


Do you have a modern mother-in-law who is constantly seeking out the newest trends in home furnishings? Look no further than our Ant Balance Arm Chairin black or green. This chair combines a fun seating option focused on a large exercise ball with the added function of using the ball to actually exercise. Ideal for small spaces like the eclectic Upper East Side mother-in-law apartment, this chair is definitely for the unique MIL.

Ant Balance Arm Chair - Black

There are a few mother-in-laws who love a tongue-in-cheek joke (especially if it is directed at the spouse of her offspring). The Alexandra Ferguson Pillow Be Nice or Leave in Cream/Orange is the perfect choice for her to leave out on her couch to remind you to be niceor leave!

Alexandra Ferguson Pillow Be Nice Or Leave Cream / Orange 16" x 16"

Tea-loving MIL? Remind your mother-in-law how beautiful she is with our Hot Mama Coffee Mug. Enjoy some quality  girl time with MIL whilst sipping on some early morning tea or coffee.

Hot Mama Coffee Mug

Help your mother-in-law feel needed with gift options that give the grandma in her tools to feel needed. The Baby Care Kit Mommy’s Magic Kitin pink or teal is a great choice to offer when you need a little MIL babysitting.

 Baby Care Kit Mommy's Magic Kit Pink

If she lives far away, remind of her sweet grandchildren with the Key Ring Frame Owl. Add in a super cute picture of a grandkid and she will instantly remember not only your spouse but also those grand babies will always be on her mind.

 Key Ring Frame Owl

Even mothers-in-law love chocolate. To get on her sweet side, buy her the Good Times – Chocoholic – Chocolate Lovers Set. With nostalgic graphics, recipes and a fun silicone mold, this could be her favorite gift. If you add a box of Godiva in the gift bag, you might be the favorite daughter-in-law ever!


What woman doesn’t love a luxurious purse?The Alchemy Goods Wedgwood Handbag and Purse might even turn a daughter-in-law/mother-in-law war into gold. Made from eco-friendly materials, this ample purse is stylish with two different lining options–sprout green or blueberry blue.

Offer up your heart to your mother-in-law with the Heart Felt Coin Purse. Adding in a gift card to her favorite boutique or coffeehouse (or KarmaKiss) can’t hurt in bringing the love between you.

Heart Felt Coin Purse

Finally, if you have truly driven your mother-in-law to drink or if you need them for yourself after the latest family meal, our Sauced Measuring Wine Glassuses fun sayings and familiar form to make cooking fun. Package with a great bottle of wine or cooking sherry and you might just make momentary peace.


To all Mothers-In-Law – We send our love!

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