20 Tasty Gifts To Enhance Your Kitchen Under $30

Looking for something bright and cheery to fill your kitchen space? Whether you want to pour yourself the most amazing cup of tea, make a mean drink, or decorate the counter with adorable creatures, we’ve got the perfect kitchen gadgets, tools, and beyond for any kitchen in any home.

For Cooking

Get cookin’ with these handy gift ideas.

Lemon Squeezer and Holder: $15.19

Cute in design and easy to squeeze, this lemon holder offers storage for fruit and juice with a burst of citrus color.



Garlic Twist: $18.00

Skip garlic from the store that’s already cut and prepare fresh garlic in half the time.



Muffin Tops Baking Cups: $15.00

Don’t worry about anyone’s actual muffin top – these baking cups in the shape of tiny jeans give your best goods a sense of style.



Mt. Fuji Grater and Dipping Dish: $25.00

Inspired by the snow-capped mountains, it features a grated top for prepping fresh ginger, shredded vegetables and more.


Funny Side Up Owl Egg Corral: $12.00

Pop in some toast and crack your eggs inside the eyes of this owl egg mold.

For the Bar

Penguin Wine Bottle Opener: $15.99

Open wine, beer and soda easily with this precious penguin-shaped bottle opener.


Chrome Bottle Pourers Set of 6: $3.90

Pour the perfect liquor pour for every martini, margarita and mojito served with these chrome bottle pourers.


Remake It! Wine Cork Trivet: $14.49

Turn your wine corks and reuse them into an amazing trivet that helps serve up hot plates, casseroles and delicious dishes of food.


Whiskey Ice Balls – Set of 2: $19.95

Sip your whiskey, don’t gulp it — but keep it cool and refreshing with this innovative ice mold that will make the ice melt slower so you can relax while you drink.

Bottle ID Marker Bands: $3.69

Keep track of everyone’s booze at your next party with no-slip silicon bands in vibrant hues of green, red and blue.

For Tea and Coffee

Love Mugs: $14.19

Share your amore early in the morning or late in the evening in these red-and-white heart-shaped mugs.


RSVP Cherry Red 6 Cup Stoneware Chai Teapot: $23.49

Made from sturdy stoneware, this lovely teapot hold heat longer, allowing you to fill up and steep up to six cups of your favorite tea.

Orange Bicycle Coffee Mug: $14.49

For the avid cyclist or casual rider, this bicycle coffee mug holds your cup o’ joe between rides on your favorite form of transit.


LiquiSeal Travel Mug by OXO: $8.99

One-click activation keeps spills from happening and liquids hot inside, in various metallic colors to match any mood or style.


Fred & Friends Tea Infuser Brew Whale: $15.00

This cheerful brew whale is submerged into your tea, brewing the perfect cup of chamomile whether on land or by sea.

For the Dining Table

Swan Origami Table Decor & Trinket Holder: $16.79

Designed to look like an intricate piece of origami, this porcelain figure is a lovely conversation piece for any dining occasion.


Two Peas in a Pod Magnetic Salt and Pepper Set: $13.15

These adorable peas belong together! Share and shake their rosy cheeks — and love — on your dining table.


Daily Doily Napkin Holder: $11.19

Display your napkins in this elegant, doily-designed holder that offers a touch of vintage style to any dining table.


Pickle Towel: $14.00

This pickle packs a punch with a charming and creative pickle design on a lovely oversized dish towel, made with 100% cotton.


Papiliones Butterfly Coasters – Set of 4: $8.99

Beautiful coasters inspired by the wonders of nature, designed with a cork backing and majestic butterfly imagery.


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