10 Foolproof Gifting Tips for Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest about it. When Thanksgiving rolls around, how many of us are reflective of the reasons that this honored day is celebrated? Sure, we enjoy the turkey, the football games and even the company of our loved ones. But in addition to the revelry, this celebration is also about being appreciative (thankful!) of the blessings in our lives. With this, when you think about it, one of the best ways you can show your thankfulness, especially towards loved ones, is with a small gift of some kind. While Christmas and birthdays are more readily associated with gift giving, there is no reason that Thanksgiving has to be an exception to the rule. As such, here are a few gifting tips that will make the occasion a successful one.

Gift cards

A gift doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple card that marks the occasion and contains a gift certificate is a nice offering. Or with Thanksgiving gifting, you can be a little more creative. Something along the lines of the Seed Paper Gift Enclosure Card is a perfect choice if you want a unique option.

Homemade Gifts

There is something really special about homemade gifts. They convey not only thoughtfulness, but also a sincere appreciation toward the recipient because of the time that went into crafting the gift. If you have an artistic flair, this is a great approach to take.

Valued Utility Counts

If you’re going to gift someone, especially during a reflective occasion like Thanksgiving, a good idea is to choose a gift that is actually useful in some way. Identify a need that a recipient may have and select a gift that fills it. Everyone, for example, needs a keep accurate time; so why not gift a stylish Retro Calculator Watch?

Give Socks

Honestly! We laugh, make jokes and even roll our eyes on occasion at the idea of getting socks (and sweaters) as a gift. But guess what? When we do get socks, we almost always end up wearing them.

Create a Smile

There is nothing better than making someone smile. A fun gift choice – for youngsters or adults – is always a good idea and one that is almost always appreciated. You can easily test the veracity of this assertion by gifting someone a Tongue-In-Cup tea infuser – you won’t be disappointed in the results (or the tea).


If you want a ‘can’t miss’ gift options, then you can always just give cash (or a gift certificate of some kind). Money is always appreciated and it takes any uncertainty on whether a gift is really liked out of the equation. You probably will want to include a nice card with this option as well.

Donate to a Charity

Gifting for the person that seemingly already has everything under the sun can be difficult. A good strategy in such an instance is to donate money to a worthy cause in that person’s name. This is a particularly nice option if the recipient has a particular charity/cause they are passionate about. You can even help out those cute meerkats. With the Adopt a Meerkat Gift Box, you can contribute to the protection of these adorable creatures.

Interest Related

You don’t want to just give any random selection to someone as a gift. Instead, choose something that you know will interest the recipient. If they are a sports fan, for example, some sort of memorabilia related to their favorite team is a nice option.

Think Unconventionally

When you think of a gift, you generally think of something wrapped up in a package that is handed to someone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A gift can be a trip to out to dinner instead of having to fix an elaborate Thanksgiving meal or even a vacation getaway. Think outside the box.

Surf the Web

If you are really short on ideas on what you can get someone, you can always surf the web for some pretty cool ideas that you probably haven’t thought of. Site’s like Karmakiss have all sorts of selections that are bound to catch your eye. Plus, that’s why folks like us write lists like this to help you!

Now you are ready to embark on your Thanksgiving celebration fully prepared. With these suggestions in mind, you can make your holiday festivities one to remember. As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to gift a loved one if you just spend a few moments to consider your options. When you do, you are certain to come up with the perfect gift that will invoke the deepest feelings of appreciation and love.

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