It’s Hot Tea Season – 4 Cool Tea Infusers to Warm Your Cold Nights

Here we all are, turning the pages towards the end of the year once more. The sun is still shining, and Fall has arrived. For many, this season brings on allergies, colds, and the longing to just feel cozy and warm in preparation for winter season to come.

What do you imagine in your perfect cup of tea? Sugar, spice, and everything else nice? Not only is fall one of our favorite times of the year, but it is made even more special because we can throw all of that goodness into one of Karma Kiss’ unique tea infusers.

The Tea Infuser Octeapusor the Fred & Friends Tea Infuser BREW WHALE would be idyllic for that marine biologist in your life – Okay, maybe you don’t personally know one, good news! If you know anyone who likes tea and needs a little oomph in their life, surprise them with this creative way to steep their own loose leaf tea.

Maybe you’ve got a friend who is a big fan of the Rolling Stones, Karma Kiss has just the thing for them – The Tea Infuser Tongue-In-Cup! They can leave the Tongue-In-Cup infuser in their tea mug, and it will certainly keep anyone from picking up the wrong cup.
Saving the best for last, Karma Kiss is smitten with the Tea Infuser Tea Leaves.Not only does the tea infuser come in the most adorable mini pot, you can have a safe place for keeping of your infuser after you use it – Easy clean up, and no mess.
As we get older, time seems to fly by faster than it did when we were younger. Have a little more fun, be more adventurous, and enjoy the little things in life that make a world of difference. Would you rather look at the same ol’ generic, disposable tea bags in your mug all season long? We thought so. Comment and let us know which tea infusers are your favorites!

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