6 Yummy Ideas For Sandwich Day

Another great holiday is upon us! No, it’s not Thanksgiving. It’s Sandwich day! Celebrated November 3rd, sandwich day is the perfect moment to celebrate your love for all food thats made with two slices of bread. There are some great ways you can embrace the day!

1. Try an Experimental Recipe

Sandwiches are so much fun because you can literally put anything you’d like on them! People experiment all the time with sandwich recipes. Every thought of adding sauerkraut to a chicken sandwich? Or maybe you want to mix tofu and roast beef! Whatever it is that sounds delicious to you, today is the day to give it a try. The worst that happens is you don’t like it, the best thing that happens is you LOVE it!

Who knows, maybe your new recipe could be the next big thing? After all, it probably took a good deal of experimenting to come up with the Cuban sandwich, and that’s a classic!

2. Have a Sandwich Eating Contest

Want to celebrate with some friends? Consider a sandwich eating contest. Invite people over to eat as many sandwiches as they can in a specific amount of time. It can be large, full sized sandwich or small mini appetizer sandwiches. True, someone may end the day with a stomach ache. But it can still be a lot of fun. Plus, you can give out prizes for the winner and even those who showed a good deal of initiative.

3. Build the Tallest Sandwich

Have you ever tried to create a sandwich with multiple layers? Today’s the day to see how high of a sandwich you can make! Take a tip from the pros and try the triple decker method of multiple slices of bread to best balance out the ingredients.  Did you know the world record for the tallest sandwich ever is 50 feet? That might be hard to beat, or fit in your kitchen, but you could definitely get up a few feet!

4. Host a Sandwich Making Party

Here’s another great idea for getting together with others to celebrate. Host a sandwich making party! Provide a variety of ingredients all broken down, from breads to meats to vegetables, toppings and sauces, and let your guests go to town! They can create anything they can dream up with the food provided. You can even have people judge on which sandwiches tasted best or were most unique. Whether a party for adults, kids, or both, it’s an interactive event that people will want to be a part of.

5. Eat a Sandwich You’ve Never Had Before

Ever wanted to try a sandwich that maybe you shied away from? Something that’s popular but you don’t know how you feel about the ingredients? Today is the day to try it. There’s probably a reason why it’s become so popular, whatever it may be, so why not give it a try? If you are feeling a little wary about it, bring a friend so you can both try something new!

6. Eat Sandwiches for Every Meal

The best way to celebrate is to really indulge in the sandwich. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should all be sandwiches! You can’t truly enjoy the day at its fullest without challenging yourself. Sandwiches run the gamut, of course, so don’t feel like your day is going to be dull. You could have a bacon egg and cheese in the morning, a grilled cheese for lunch and a burger for dinner (yes, it’s technically considered a sandwich). You’ll be proud of yourself and your dedication after day of sandwiches!


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