2014 Blog Giveaways Update: Shop, Snap and Shop Again!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m bringing you good news at the opening of the week. This 2014 is opening new doors, and presents, for us all! Here it goes:

For those of you who have been following our blog, I bet you are already aware of our Monthly GC Giveaways. C’mon, winners, raise your hands! But this time, we’re changing things up a bit. And I mean, better! Last year, we gave away either a $10 or $15 Gift Certificate for one lucky winner per month. We even had surprise seasonal gifts too! This year, it’s going to be more special. And you’ll have plenty of time to join and enjoy our raffle with our upcoming programs.

We’re putting the contest on hold during winter, as everyone tries to warm themselves up. But get your fingers ready at the arrival of our next Gift Certificate raffle. And look, it’s not just a $10 or $15 value. We’ll be dishing out $25 for one lucky winner!

Greater amount, greater rewards!


You’ve heard it right folks! We’re having a contest too! And we want your happy faces to go with it! In the coming months, we’ll have our promo wherein you shop, snap, and shop again! Each (I tell you, each!) customer that posts a photo of their selfie with a Karma Kiss product on our Facebook Page ( gets a $10 Gift Card. No Raffle. Just winners. How cool is that?

The dates are still a bit of a secret, but we’re giving you the heads up so you can prepare for that perfect selfie!

Stay tuned in our blog to know the dates and more of the contest details.

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