Brand Spotlight: Artecnica

A company that joins hands with established and emerging designers, Artecnica seeks to contribute to the home and lifestyle world with inspiring decorative objects. Led by Enrico Bressan and Tahmineh Javanbakht, the company highlights products made from recycled materials. Their roster of designers include Tord Boontje, Yusuke Oono, Hella Jongerius and the studio Rich, Brilliant, Willing.

Artecnica runs with a program called Design w/ Conscience (Dw/C), a curriculum which highlights the manufacturing and production of products with humanitarian and eco-friendly principles. Its goal is to promote sustainable communities of talented artisans dwelling in underdeveloped countries; giving them livelihood as well as aiding them in exposing their art.

Karma Kiss collaborates with the Artecnica in bringing you beautiful decorative home items that you cannot find anywhere else. Our first installment from this brand is their collection of Starlightz, an ambient series of star-shaped illuminations, made with a halogen bulb.

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