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3 Creative Toys to Keep Your Kids Busy

Whether your kids are just getting to the point of being bored enough to whine incessantly at you or you're just tired of seeing their faces by the light of a device, it's more than time for some toys that will get them on the creative side and keep them involved, interested, and inspired.

Keeping them busy (and not bored!) as well as getting them invested in a project, even if it's only for an afternoon, is well worth it.

Fashion a Flower Fairy in a Tin

Fashion a Flower Fairy in a Tin

Hands-on creativity is awesome, but there's always that concern that you're going to have a Fairy Flower in a Tinhuge mess to clean up afterward. Are you picturing glitter everywhere, scraps of paper scattered on the floor, and peeling dried bits of glue off the table for the next several days? That's pretty normal.

Thankfully, Flower Fairy in a Tin has everything your kids need to create adorable fairy dolls (10 of them!), and all of them kept in a tin that makes this craft time both portable and a lot neater.

Plus, if you're looking for a gift that's outside of the norm for a kid or grandkid in your life, this will keep their interest beyond that initial 5 minutes. Talk about getting your money's worth!

Eiffel Tower in a Tin

Eiffel Tower in a Tin Model

As long as we're looking at cool things that come in tins, the Eiffel Tower in a Tin kit is a super Eiffel Tower in a Tincool project for any kid (and maybe even an adult you know!). Not only does it end up as a great-looking replica, it will engage any hobby builder with its 150 pieces.

Also included in the set are all of the tools and instructions needed to construct the 15-inch model and it's all stored neatly in the tin in which it comes. 

Bonus? It provides a solid visual representation of the original and comes with a fact sheet about the real Eiffel Tower.

Pocket Coloring Roll Travel Game

Pocket Coloring Roll

If your little crafter is less of a builder and more of an artist/thinker, the Pocket Coloring Roll Coloring Pocket Roll Travel Gamemight be the perfect thing to keep them occupied. It features a roll of games like connect-the-dots and lots of pictures to color.

One of the best features is how compact it is, allowing you to take it wherever you need. Going on a road trip? Pack it in the backseat to keep the dreaded bickering and whining at bay. Headed to a restaurant? Bring it with you and give the kids something to keep them busy while they wait.

In addition to being compact and portable, it has perforated sheets so if you need to keep more than one kid busy, you can easily give each of them their own sheet--no need to argue here.

Summer doesn't have to be boring, even on the days when you're staying in the house, but you might have to get a little creative. Toys like this should help!

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