Summer Decorating Trends & How to Make Them Work for You

When summer comes, there's often a feeling of excitement that comes with it. It might be because when we were kids, summer meant opportunity and possibility, and as adults, we still feel that. 

It often means that we want to do something different (vacation, anyone?!). That can mean changing things around at home, too; and there are definite summer trends to get into if you feel like you're itching for a change around the house.

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Trending Colors

One of the fastest ways to change the overall feel of a room is to introduce new colors, and there are some definite trends for this season you'll want to look into!

Bold, Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Dining Room from

Blue is a universal color--lots of people love it, it's super versatile, and comes in many shades, but the blue making waves this season is a bright cobalt. As you can see above from in the dining room from HomedIt, it has the advantage of being expressive and bold without being overwhelming or aggressive. It also pairs so well with other colors, bright and neutral alike, that you can add it to a space you already have and make it compliment rather than detract.

Bright Orange

This one is a little more of a statement as orange is bright and unmistakable. If you love the burst of bright color, then don't be afraid to go big with a statement piece like orange furniture or even a color wall.

If you're a little timid about going all in on the orange, try using it as small accents in an neutral room. An orange pillow or set of ceramic vases can draw the eye to the places you want.

Soft Gray

Soft Gray Living Room from HashookLooking for something more muted and calm? Soft gray is making the rounds this year as well, showing up in everything from bathrooms to coastal-inspired living rooms. This color can be paired with anything (yay, neutrals!). Keep it gray and white for a gentle, zen-like space, or throw in bursts of color against a gray palette to keep things soft but exciting.

Marble Anywhere

Sure, marble counter tops, marble floors--those have been around for a long time, and they aren't going anywhere. If anything, they're even more popular now than they were just a decade ago.

But now marble is expanding its reach, going beyond the usual places and finding new ways to bring interest to a room.

How about a marble-patterned dining room table top? Or a marble-inspired carpet? You'll even find marble popping up on walls and in outside spaces, like screened in porches or gazebos. 

Want to play around with the marble idea without spending a bunch of money on new counter tops? Try a marble-inspired accent like a wall hanging, carpet, pillow, or throw. You can find them in the expected neutral colors or even in bright accent pieces.

If you feel really crafty, you can even make your own marble inspired designs, like this pillow case demonstrated on the Rachael Ray Show:

Mixed Patterns

Mixed Patterns from Traditional Home MagazineYou know that thing you probably heard about not mixing up patterns? Don't put stripes with polka dots, don't put anything with paisley...well, it might be time to throw that old sensibility out and mix it up.

One of more popular trends right now is juxtaposing wildly different patterns while retaining the color palette. From comforters and wall decor to dining ware and furniture, you can see this being used in a lot of ways.

The key is to stay within a color scheme, and then don't be afraid to use it! If you have a palette of soft blues and yellows, try pairing two or more patterns throughout the room. Depending on the patterns you use, you can make it feel modern or cozy. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold designs, either.

Summer time is about having fun and trying new things, and there's a lot of that you can do right in your home if you get creative and venture out into the new trends!


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