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How do you feel when you walk in your front door? Often, it's relief. You've made it through another day, now you can enter your element and enjoy your evening. Your home should be a reflection of the kind of place you want to be; a reflection of yourself.

That should absolutely include things that are unique and stand out, something that makes you smile every time you see it. Need something new and fun for your space? Try one of these!

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The Jellyfish Chair

Jellyfish Chair Mosaic PatternThere are a lot of reasons to love the Jellyfish Chair. It has huge benefits apart from its appearance (no, really, it's actually amazing): 

  • encourages good posture & spinal alignment
  • keeps body and brain engaged
  • helps fidgeters focus

Then, on top of all of that, it also just looks cool. It's probably different from anything else you have in your home right now, and it comes in multiple designs to suit your taste. Stand out and feel better at the same time.

Because of its versatility, too; it makes a great piece for any room. Put it in your living room for extra seating and to encourage proper posture while watching TV. Use it in your office in place of your desk chair to keep you alert and keep your spine in alignment while you're working to prevent back pain. In a kid's room, it's the perfect study chair, helping with focus. 

Any room, any style, there's a Jellyfish Chair for you!

Starry Sky

Starry Sky LED Room LightWhether you prefer some light when you go to sleep or you have a child who's still a little unsure about the dark, night lights are often a necessary part of bedtime. Sure, functionality is important (somehow there's always an end table or a kid's toy hiding in the dark!), but when it comes to a light you can sleep to, you can have both functionality and something lovely.

The Starry Sky LED Room Light projects a galaxy of stars against the walls and ceiling, providing just the right amount of light while looking amazing. 

Not in need of a nightlight? How about some fun light for your next party? A few of these set up throughout the room will provide an unexpected flare.

Surya Anteros Buddha Shelf Decor

Surya Anteros BuddhaIf you're looking for one unique, beautiful stand-out piece, the Surya Anteros Buddha Shelf Decor is simple, elegantly constructed art designed to fit into any space and bring a level of zen art to any room. 

When you're looking for a conversation piece that gets attention while not being overwhelming, this kind of decor is perfect. Its simple but delicate features, the choice of colors, and the calm presence of it makes it an unmistakable, undeniable finishing touch to whatever room you feel needs just that one last thing.


The important thing about decorating is finding yourself in your decor. It's about being comfortable in your space--loving it, really. When you come home and look around, it should bring a smile to your face.

That's the goal: find the things that make you smile, and you can't go wrong! 

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