Activities to Make Father's Day Exciting

Here's the thing about Father's Day: a lot of the things people usually fall back on are, well, boring. Or make a dad feel old. Pfft, not this time; it's time to up the game, put Dad in touch with his inner kid, and maybe have some fun for yourself while you're at it.

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Scrap the boring, and get on board for something a little more exciting with one of these 5 Father's Day activities:

1. Go Karts & Arcades

Go KartWhether you go straight for a go kart track or find one at a local arcade, this is more like it. Gotta go fast, gotta go hard, gotta make it fun--and you can do all of that in a go kart! There really is something exhilarating about rushing around a track in a small car, and when was the last time you tried it?

If you find a combination go kart track and arcade, spend a little time throwing some quarters at your favorite games, too--but try not to be too competitive.

2. Paintball or Laser Tag

PaintballThere's something legitimately fun about chasing your friends and family with paint-filled or laser-blasting guns. Suit up and grab your weapons--whichever you decide to do will be exciting. Set up a game of capture the flag or just take each other out on the field of battle. 

It's probably not the first thing you think of when you hear "Father's Day," but you have to admit, give it some thought and it makes complete sense. And sounds like a good time, to boot.

 3. Get Into Some Sports

GolfingHonestly, the door is wide open here, but if you've got a dad who's into sports--playing or watching--then you've got an opportunity to turn the day into an extra good one.

If your dad is a player, take him for some golf or tennis, or get the family together for a game of football or baseball in the backyard.

If he's more of a watcher, then figure out what games are going on nearby this weekend and spring for you to go together. If nothing's local, figure out what's airing and set up a perfect sports afternoon in comfy seats, the good TV, full surround sound, and snacks. 

4. A Little More Musical 


If your dad is into music, it's a great time of year to find a local band playing live and take him to a concert. Over the summer, live shows will be popping up across the country, from small town amphitheater shows to large scale headlining tours, there's guaranteed to be something playing nearby.

Can't find anything playing this weekend? Consider getting him tickets for the next good show as his gift. Just make sure you know what kind of music Dad is into first!

5. Road Trip

TravelIf you're in a position to do so, a road trip can be a lot of fun and a great way to connect and make some memories this Father's Day, even if it's just a weekend trip. Figure out somewhere close--a beach, a historical city, a tourism town--and plan to visit together. 

Traveling together gives you a lot of time to hang out and talk, something that's harder and harder to do as we get older and our schedules get busier. Not to mention that road trips always throw in some kind of curve ball story you'll be telling for a while afterwards!

However you choose to spend Father's Day and whomever you choose to spend it with, taking a minute to appreciate the influential men in your life may give you a reason to pause and also to smile. Happy Father's Day!


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