3 Easy To Make Halloween Treats

Just last week we dished out a few tips in decorating your home this Halloween Season. In the same spirit of spookiness, we feel inclined to cast out a few of our Halloween spells to put some sweet, delicious treats into someone’s tongue. But we’ll be needing your help to conjure it–by that we meant “cook,” “bake,” or “put everything together”– whatever applies!

These recipes are pretty easy, something you can do with your kid. Now say the magic word, and let the sweet stuff appear and disappear through the hands of the enthusiastic sweet eater!

Vampire Apples (source)

Oooh, these apples look as if they’re about to bite, but the only one who’s biting is you!  Punch a “mouth” into your red apples and cut out marshmallows; stick them onto the upper lip. Caramelize sugar and drip it over to your apple platter, and here you go! A vamped up apple flock ready to join in your Halloween feast!

Oreo Spiders (source)

With a piece of Oreo cookie, some sticks of pretzels and two candies (you can use M&Ms alternatively), you can make a smart, crawling spider on the table. This is the type of arachnid kids won’t run away from! If these legs are real, these spiders are the one’s being chased after! It’s a simple recipe you and your kids can make for a little party or a Halloween sleepover.

Frankenstein Goes Vegetarian (source)

No, Halloween is not all about candy. Frankenstein prefers to be healthier with this all-green and veggie concoction, which includes carrots, cucumbers, red bell peppers, cheese and chips. Put this all together on a wheat bread and serve your kids a better alternative to curb their sweet tooth!

What do YOU think of these tips? Do you have a Halloween Recipe you want to share with our Karma Kiss blog readers? Comment on below!

*Materials from Miss Von Smith

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