Product Spotlight: Tattly Temporary Tattoos

We can all remember days when we find tattoos overwhelming. As kids, we gaze at these artworks with large, curious eyes. I could remember dashing for the nearest ballpen to draw myself MY own tattoo, of course, to the great disgusto of my parents. It’s not right to write on yourself, especially as a kid–when your scribbles and dribbles are unfortunately clumsy and not in anyway decorative! Perhaps you as parents may have encountered children playing pirates, marines and heroes, where tatooes are a must. It’s nice to know that that there are many things we can do to solve a kid’s inky craving–give them an artificially temporary one; something that is as beautiful and won’t stay on their skin forever. Introducing the Tattly Temporary Tattoos.

The Tattly Temporary Tattoos is a tattoo kit meant for the kids and kids-at-heart. We all know that having a tattoo is a serious thing; it sticks forever, but it can be a beautiful statement of who you are. Now, children can emulate the tattoos their favorite celebrities have and enjoy their time with it! These designs are toxic-free and safe, and are gently removable to. So when play time is up, you can tell your kid to wash up and clear their hands and arms from these artworks.

Your kid will have fun parading with this design up to 4 days (that’s how long its lasting power is, compared to many peel-able artificial tattoos). The neat thing here is that these artworks are designed by professional artists, so it wouldn’t look like a bad scribble on your kids’ arms! It’s a nice Halloween accessory too.


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