The Arrival Of The Pillow Personalities

A few weeks ago, we’ve blogged about a couple known celebrities landing in Karma Kiss’ grounds. These two famous names are known for contributing something awesome in each of their respective industries, which is why we still remember then after they are long gone. Well, a few more people entered our store and strutted their charmingly cottony selves into our digital shelves. We’re proud to have them in the Karma Kiss family, and you may be interested to give them a handshake or a good hug. And just like the others, they won’t fret nor complain!

First off is one of the, if not THE, most-known presidents America ever had. He is the first of his league, and Karma Kiss makes him available to all patriots and history enthusiasts to cuddle. George Washington comes complete with his dignified wig and renaissance suit in vivid blue.

Following him is another man made known by his brains; many were skeptical about his skills, but Albert Einstein proved them wrong! Now you can proudly say you have rubbed elbows with this brilliant genius, and he won’t complain or stick his tongue out at you. Just the perfect inspiration in getting into the Brainy League.

This woman is known for her advocacy, art tendencies, and thick brows. That’s right, it’s Frida Kahlo, re-energizing the love for justice and equality with this quaint and quirky doppelganger. Show you love for her humanitarian campaigns and be inspired to become a change in the community with a memory of her–in a form you can hug.

If you are into fashion, you definitely have to know her name. Coco Chanel is one of the most affluently stylish women of her age, doing every chic thing a girl can do: sing and design clothes. Get in touch with that fashionable side of yours by gifting this beautifully pearl-and-black clothed pillow.

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