3 Trendy Tagua Necklaces Perfect for Holiday Fashion

With the start of November, everyone starts looking towards the upcoming holidays, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread--probably usually with a combination of both. After all, there may be a lot of fun things coming, but it also means a lot of stuff--parties, events, planning, work. 

Getting ready for parties and events can be a hassle, but if you prepare some staples for the season now, you'll be more than ready to throw on the perfect outfit and head out the door no matter what's coming, and having the perfect accessories ready to go is easy with these 3 amazing necklaces made from all-natural tagua nuts. 

Tagua Kayuna Adjustable Necklace

 Tagua Kayuna Adjustable Necklace


The Kayuna necklace is a great piece not only because of its natural charm and handmade artistry, but because it's adjustable, making it a better fit and also more versatile. While it extends up to 36 inches, it can be adjusted to be smaller. Wear it different ways with different outfits and make it work all season long!

This style comes in Forest or Aqua, and because of the variety of colors used, can be a great complement to a variety of outfits. It's a beautiful, natural, and versatile accessory for any wardrobe, especially as we come into the holiday season.

Inti Tagua Necklace

Inti Tegua Aqua Necklace


If you're looking for a simple piece to set against your favorite holiday outfits, the Inti Tagua Necklace may be exactly the accessory you need. Pretty, straightforward design makes it a piece that's likely to get you a quick and sincere compliment, and can be paired with something dressy or casual, no problem. 

Available in Aqua and Avocado and with a spectrum of color along with the solid pendant, you can easily match it to a lot of outfits, a great option for the season!

Timaka Tagua Necklace

Timaka Tagua Necklace

The Timaka Tagua Necklace is a simple beauty, perfect for your favorite party dress or outfit that just needs that one extra touch. Like the others, it's completely handmade and unique, and it's a delicate choice, one that will certainly draw attention.

This one comes in two colors, Poppy and Blue Sea, both of which will mix well with similar colors or pop against darker colors and neutrals. 

All three of these necklace styles are handmade from the natural tagua nut, a type of palm that grows in Ecuador. The amazing thing is that the tagua nut is 100% sustainable, hand making the rain forests in Ecuador profitable, keeping them safe, growing, and providing for the local economy. 

Beautiful, unique holiday accessories to keep or give as a gift that also contribute to good things in the world? What's not to love?!


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