7 Ways to Make the Kids Table a Little More Fun

At any holiday gathering where there are children, there's usually a table just for them. It's even a bit of a joke and a stereotype you see on TV shows and holiday specials all the time, but that doesn't mean it has to be a joke at all.

In fact, you can make the kids at your next holiday party think you're the best host ever by just making their space a little more special.

The Dishware

If you're breaking out the fine China for the adults but don't want to risk it on the kids, you can still skip the paper plates and give them something special, too.

Dinner Winner Plates

Dinner Winner Plate

Dinner Winner Plates are a fun option for any kid, turning dinner time into fun time. Maybe it's not so bad to play with your food after all, especially if it gets kids to eat and keeps them content at the kids table!

Turn any dinner into a game, piece of cake (which can still wait until after dinner).

Petits Et Maman Kids Dishware

Petits Et Maman Rocket Plate

Want to do something chic but different for the kiddos? The full collection of Petits Et Maman dishes are fun for the kids but also have a classic charm, perfect for the holidays or any time. 

Try all of the styles of plates, cups, and flatware and you'll make a big impression on your littlest guests. 

Decorative Table Tops

Once you've got the plates set, adding something decorative to the table is a nice touch, but the stuff the kids like isn't exactly the same as what their accompanying grown-ups might enjoy.

There's a few things you can add, though, to make it cool just for them.

Honey Bear Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Honey Bear Salt & Pepper Shakers

Talk about too cute, c'mon, you can't beat the Honey Bear Salt & Pepper Shaker set, and if you put this on the kids table, you'll be a hit for sure. Hard to turn down a pair of adorable bears!

Make the adults and kids alike grin when they see these little guys hanging out on the kids table.

Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shaker

Mushroom Salt & Pepper ShakersAs long as we're looking at adorable salt and pepper shakers, the Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers are such a great little combination of cute and fun and funny, and just right for little hands, too.

If you're looking for an easy way to make kids smile, this will definitely do the trick--just look at them; they're the cutest.

Whale Serving Bowls

Whale Serving Bowls

Serving finger foods for the little ones is already a win, and serve them in these bowls and you'll be a hit with everyone. The Whale Serving Bowls are the perfect size for serving snacks, and any kids table is going to be thrilled with them.

Heck, even adult tables could stand to have a little more cuteness on board, and serving in these bowls is champ level.

Just For Fun

 Adding a few things that are just for fun is a guaranteed hit-maker. After all, who wants to go to a boring, stuffy dinner--even adults like to be entertained, how much truer is it for your shorter, less calm guests? These oughta do the trick, though:

Dolphin Kiss Bubble Straw

Dolphin Kiss Bubble Straw

For something that's just fun for everyone at the table, these Dolphin Kiss Bubble Straws are like a bowl game touchdown for the kids. How cute and how much fun are they? Available in blue and pink, get the ones you want, reuse them as often as you want, and be the best host making the uh--biggest splash

Coloring Paper Placemats

Coloring Paper Placemats

And finally, if you want to keep the kiddos at peace, this is certainly a way to do it and make all of the tired parents at your dinner table happy, too. These Coloring Paper Placemats are detailed and fun--throw a couple of packs of markers on the table and let the kids go crazy coloring their own placemats. 

Couldn't be simpler; couldn't be more awesome. Easy peasy.

Be the king or queen of the kids table, and make everyone's holiday a little happier!


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