4 Fashion Trends Anyone Can Wear

Fall is upon us and with it, a new set of trends for the season. If you want to be trendy this season without breaking the bank or trying to pull off something a little too out there, you're in luck: this year's fall looks include some that are great for everyone and easy to pull off.

Here's a look at four of the best and easiest trends to wear that are sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons.

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Fall Trend #1: The Color Red

Red DressYou may have used red to add a splash of color and interest to an outfit many times, but this time, red is the outfit. Making a splash on the runways this season is the bright, bold color from head to toe.

Going for this look means holding nothing back; think: red dresses, long red trench coats, monochromatic suits. The great news about this trend is that it's easy; you can even pair your red dress with some red boots and make it easier still. Find a style you enjoy wearing, then choose it in red. Easy peasy, and you'll look like you stepped off a runway.

Fall Trend #2: Nylon Coats

Nylon Trench Coat LadiesMm, it's nice when fashionable and functional meet up and make something awesome happen. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen as often as it should--but it has happened this season with nylon coats.Nylon Trench Coat Men

A coat that will looks super chic, actually protects you from the weather, and you can throw it in the backseat or stow it in a suitcase without it wrinkling? Is this Christmas already?

Seriously, though, pairing a neutral, sleek-looking nylon coat or trench with a fall outfit is the most practical part of being fashionable this year, so use it while it's in!

Fall Trend #3: Plaid

Vintage Plaid DressNot your mother's--well, actually, it might be? Plaid made a even bigger comeback than previously on the runways this season, and most are reminiscent of patterns and colors used in the '70s. 

So, for now, keep your '90's grunge flannels in the Plaid Neck Warmercloset, but feel free to shop for big, bright or retro neutral plaids to add to your fall collection.

Plaid skirts, jackets, and pants are especially desirable, but don't count out a plaid dress, bag, or scarf to make this trend work.

Fall Trend #4: Mid-Length Skirts

Whether you choose flowy and loose or go for the A-line Midi Skirtstructure of an A-line, adding a skirt that ends at mid-calf is trending hot this year, and seems to be another addition to a lot of the retro/vintage throwback we're seeing this season. 

The same goes for dresses, and in either case, you'll get the most bang if the top is more fitted, directing attention to the flow and movement of the skirt. Pair with your favorite boots or sandals on warmer days, and you'll have a fall look to share!

With these trends in mind, you'll be ready for the catwalk--or dinner or the PTA meeting or that sit-down with your boss you've been avoiding--looking good wherever you are means feeling good wherever you are, and that's all right. 

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