5 Glorious Grandparent Day Gifts

Sunday, September 10th is Grandparents Day, and I already know I need to make sure I call my grandma--a gift probably wouldn't hurt either. It's so easy to get sidetracked by day-to-day life and forget to touch base with the people we care about most.

If you have grandparents you need to show some extra love to this Grandparents Day, here's some gifts that will help you share a few smiles!

Stripe Cat Doorstop

Striped Cat Door Stop

Cats are cute; even if you don't like having a cat around, it's hard to deny that a kitten is adorable. There's a reason cats are a hit on the internet, after all! You know what's even better? An adorable cat that doesn't need to eat and doesn't mew at you in the middle of the night!

The Stripe Cat Doorstop is a great gift to come home to: waiting patiently at your door looking cute as a button, what's not to adore?

9 inches tall and made from cotton filled with buckwheat, it's perfectly weighted to hold open any door in your home in a way that will make you smile.

Funky Key Caps

Funky Key Caps

Ever have just too many keys on your keyring? Try to find the one you need but it looks too much like another key and you end up going through three or four to get the right one? It's common and super aggravating, which is why Funky Key Caps are a great gift.

Assign one design to each important key and never wonder again and bonus: your keyring looks extra cool!

Kitten & Yarn Salt & Pepper Shaker

Kitten and Yarn Salt and Pepper Shaker

What's adorable, the perfect addition to any salt & pepper shaker or porcelain figure collection, and a perfect grandparents day gift? Okay, that really narrows the options down a lot, but thankfully the Kitten & Yarn Salt & Pepper Shaker Set delivers.

With its cute and classic style and quality craftsmanship, this is a piece that will serve you on your dining room table, in your kitchen, or as part of a collectible display to share with family and friends in years to come.

Pineapple Antique Trinket Tray and Jewelry Holder

Pineapple Trinket Tray and Jewelry Holder

Beautiful, classic, and unique, the Pineapple Trinket Tray & Jewelry Holder is designed to be both useful and decorative. Place it on a bedside stand to keep jewelry and other small items safe at night or on a desk to hold paperclips. Use it with a flameless tea light on an end table or sweetener packets in the kitchen.

Decorative and versatile, it's the perfect gift when you're not sure what to give!

Tropical Icons Coasters

Tropical Icons Coasters

Though we're approaching fall, there's nothing that says the bright and sunny mood of summer has to leave us! These Tropical Icons Coasters (Set of 4) keep that spirit around all year long.

With their cheerful colors and designs, they're perfect for every day use or for parties and barbecues. They're made from absorbent stone and sturdy cork to provide protection to all your surfaces. Enjoy that ice cold drink with a summery smile.

Whatever grandparent you have in your life, if you want to get them a gift to say Happy Grandparents Day, you can't go wrong here. Now, to pick the right one for my own grandma!

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