5 Cool Ways To Display Your Photos

Our pictures are memories meant to be shown off. It’s makes us feel proud to display pictures of our young child, graduating prep school. Or our brainy sister getting that diploma. We also love taking pictures of family events; it doesn’t matter whether it’s barbecueing outside the yard or catching a big fish, or a momentous event celebrating our parents’ anniversary. There are always so many special things in life we love taking pictures of, and sometimes, we even take pictures on a normal day.

But putting everything in bulky frames can be such a hassle. Imagine purchasing ten or more frames just to display those nostalgic moments. This eats a lot of space, and doesn’t serve much function as much as we want to. Here, Karma Kiss gives you picture-displaying options that will allow you to have a gallery of your own printed photos without the traditional bulk.

Clip it.

This photo-holder will definitely get the homerun if you’re an athletic type. The Sports Photo Clips Baseball – Set Of 3 offers a new way of presenting your favorite prints without having to pierce a nail through the wall and hang giant frames. Just clip the print onto the baseball design and you can have it all set on your desk! Or you can also…

Slip it.

Insert your precious photos into this charming Pinwheel Picture Holder. Other than it keeps your creativity open as the pinwheel spins around the air, you can also take a peek of your favorite images in the most accessible way possible!

Pin it.

Using the magnetic pins that comes with the Magnetic Photo Display Cable Red, you can attach as many photos as you like and let it hang like a banner in your room. This is a great option for those with galleries of pictures who is living inside a little area. Use as many banners as you like!

Magnetize it.

The Magnets And Stand Pets is another nice photo-displaying option that allows you to pin 4 pictures at a time. It’s also great for reminders and letters to keep you up-to-date with your daily tasks.

Frame it.

In felt, that is. The  Mushroom Felt Photo Frame provides a lighter alternative to frames and lets you carry your pretty photographs anywhere without the bulk!

Interested to know more on how to display your photos in a more efficient way?

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