Viral Thursday – 5 Videos To Ease Into The Weekend


The NBA Finals start TODAY and this video from BuzzFeed tackles this event from a different angle – How Many People Is An NBA Player Worth?

The conclusion? In one year, Lebron James made more money than every president in US history, combined!

Check it out here:


2. Baby Food Tastes Like…

Parents, have you ever taken a moment to actually taste the food you are giving to you baby?

In this hilarious video (again from BuzzFeed) they actually did just that! Adults taste baby food and let us know exactly what they think of it (or to paraphrase one such review from the video: Baby food is worse than Dog food. YUCK.)


3. Have You Had Richard Gere on The Show?

Don’t you just love Jimmy Fallon? and Ricky Gervais? These are two of my favorite funny people on earth. And when they meet, funny things must happen, right?

A couple of days ago Jimmy had Ricky in his Tonight Show and they played Word Sneak where Jimmy and Ricky get cards with random words, such as gerbil and Spanx, and must work them into a casual conversation. I LOLed so hard my neighbor came to check up on me.


4. Psy, Behind You!

This adorable chubby Korean baby still has a way to go to become the next Gangnam Style’s Psy, but you have to admit she is the cutest thing on your screen right now…


5. Sugar Rush

And something sweeeeeeet for finale. Check out this Chinese street vendor’s specialty: Colorful Cotton Candy shaped like a flower. Looks delicious…



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Until next time, big Karma Kiss to all of you.

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