Brand Spotlight: Coasterstone

Coasters are decorative and useful elements essential to our modern homes. Despite them being small, no dinner is complete without them. They provide a nice protection for out tables by keeping our glasses and cups in its right place. It takes away the hassles of wiping frequent liquid rims left over by cold drinks. It also prevents spills and messes on desktops.

A well-known brand of decorative coasters, trivets and Lake Art inspired products, Coasterstone landed on Karma Kiss because of its durable products with lovely illustrations fit for contemporary kitchens. The brand began as Hindostone, which first appeared in the 1800s as knife-sharpeners. Hindostone reappeared in the 1950s as a brand of cuticle removers used by professional manicurists.

In 1983, however, the brand Hindostone was bought by a couple, Jay and Sandy Peacock. The developed natural-stones were first turned into tile floors and bath tubs, but unfortunately, the material was not durable enough. But setting his martini drink in one of the pieces, it was discovered that the stone can absorb moisture from the glass. Hindostone was reborn as Coasterstone, the first absorbent coaster of its class.

As the brand was developed, more and more products were invented. Coasterstone collaborates with homegrown artists in making lovely kitchen pieces fit for any lifestyle.

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