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Product Spotlight: Applause Claws Tongs

  • 1 min read

Need a hand in the kitchen? Are you having a hard time battling off the fire from frying food? Do you want an extended little help to help you pick up the pieces from the pan safely? Well, we’ve just got the hand for you, and they’re quite the most adorable little help you can have in your kitchen!

Introducing Streamline’s Applause Claws Tongs, a pair of colorful clappers, ready to be your right (or left) hands in the kitchen! There’s no need to look like you’re beaten off from mixing up all the salads and drying your fritters from all the oil. You can pick everything steadily with another pair of hands without getting yours in a mess! It’s the perfect serving utensil when it comes to salad, pasta, cakes and even ice. And with its adorable design, it will surely shine in your buffet table!

These tongs come in three vibrant colors: lemon yellow, grape purple and cocoa brown.

This item is FEATURED in Family Fun Magazine on May 2013!

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