5 Extraordinary Ways to Grow a Garden

Spring Time is all about Nature’s timely blooming; we celebrate this moment as a season of new life. There’s nothing more magical than the new shoots springing up from the winter-frost branches, flourishing into a mass of green leaves and flowers as the sun shines anew. Instead of looking over those giant trees and shrubs, why don’t you join the magic and grow a garden yourself?

Here in Karma Kiss, we have thought of extraordinary ways for you to grow a garden. And it all comes in a gifty little box you can use to present yourself or your loved one a seed of new life. If you’re blessed with a green thumb, or a starter harvester, buying one of these boxes is just for you! Who knows what you can grow out of these seeds?

  • Grow your own pizza ingredients with Sow & Grow: Pizza Chef. This nifty gift box has all you need in growing your pizza needs—enjoy a shrubbery of spices and herbs you can put on your homemade concoction! This includes a packet of tomato, basil and oregano seeds which you can use for other cooking sessions as well.

  • Does money grow on trees? They surely do, with this Grow Me! Money Does Grow On Trees Diy Plant Kit. Reward yourself by knowing you’ll have an unlimited amount of money to see crawling on your garden. (Oh, but take note: this “money” isn’t something you can pay for your bills, but it’s equally useful for the environment!)

  • If you’re wondering where fairies live, you’d be surprised if you chanced upon one when you plant our Sow & Grow: Magical Fairy Flowers. This box contains three packets of lovely little flowers you’d delight in seeing in your garden. Who knows, maybe a little nymph will want to reside in the sweet pea bulb you have been growing.

  • Did you ever imagine how Jack had nourished a beanstalk to get him as high as the heavens? Well, this Sow & Grow: Beanstalk Plants will put your curiosity into conclusion. Whether you’ll get your plant as high as Jack’s is all up to you, just make sure you don’t have any giants to chase after you.

  • Go back in the Prehistoric Times with the Sow & Grow: Monster Plants. The children will delight in growing a thick, mysterious garden that features jumbo plants that move! This is a fun way of learning about nature while taking a track back at the history of these plant varieties. The box includes packets with snapdragon, asparagus fern and moving plant seeds.


Can’t get enough of our garden growing suggestions? We have more of them coming! Visit our Going Green collection and take a look at the other plant gift boxes in our store. Celebrate spring with your own garden, and give back to Mother Nature with this fun and rewarding present.

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