Celebrate Memorial Day with Karma Kiss Gifts

We celebrate Memorial Day as a time for honoring all Americans who have died while fighting for our nation and for freedom. A season devoted in remembering these heroes who have passed away, we look at this moment with love, gratitude and pride. A new sense of patriotism burns in our hearts as we remember our countrymen’s service and commitment in their vocation.  As we whisper a prayer for them, let us also celebrate this day by taking pride and buying products created locally.

Let’s pay tribute to the men and women who have given their lives in the service of our country this Memorial Day. Here in Karma Kiss, we do this by highlighting special items which signify love, gratitude, honor and pleasure made by the hands of our brothers and sisters, with good intentions in mind. Nothing can be much more pleasurable than gifting your loved one with something made entirely from the US, and you can take your pick from the collection of locally made products in our store.

The Many Thanks Country Sign card allows you to share your gratitude in a nifty little message in a very nice way. The card is printed on recycled cardstock. With a semi-transparent ink, you can see the pretty flecks of the paper.

The Freaker Bottle Cover & Beer Koozie – Dirty Carl gives your drinking bottle more spunk and spice; perfect for the sporty drinker who wants to keep his hands warm and his drink cool. This cover is a one-size-fits-all product and is made from North Carolina, USA.

The Birds Pattern Coasters is a colorfully perfect accessory to decorate and protect your table. With the vivid hues and a smart illustration of bird silhouettes, you are sure to spread a spark of joy. Plus, this goes with a set of 12 so you can be sure you’ll never run out of pretty coasters!


This intricately made Wallpaper Wall Hanger is more than a charming decor to put on your wall; it also functions as a cheeky hanger where you can put your items neatly. It is inspired from vintage florals and is made with durable powder coated steel. This design is available in Gloss Black, Gloss White or Gray Chrome.


Love grows in this dainty Seed Paper Gift Enclosure Card – Sage Heart.Made from fully recycled materials, this card contains real flower seeds. You can plant this card in the soil and let your message bloom in a way it cannot be forgotten. Sage Heart includes a mix of Wildflower seeds and instructions for use.

All of these products are made entirely in the US, and contains lovely happy messages which you can send your family and friends this Memorial Day. Enjoy more variants of these items in our Made in USA! Collection from our Karma Kissstore.



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