Father’s Day Gift Guide

What makes a father varies in the heart and mind of everyone who has known one or been one. Just as there are many types of dads, grandfathers, stepfathers, and fathers-in-law and so on, there are just as many ways to honor them. Choosing Father’s Day gifts for each special father figure in your life is something that takes careful thought. I thought I would share some of my favorite selections from the Karma Kiss line of unique Father’s Day Gifts.

If the “Dad” in your life is a reading man, then there are several good Father’s Day gifts to choose from. Bookends for his favorite books are always useful. You can choose the Dragon Silhouette Bookend Set or the Hand Bookends. He might need a place to keep his reading glasses too and that’s where the Rainbow Eyebods Eye Glass Stand comes in handy.

My dad always likes gadgets for the bar in his basement getaway.  He would love All-in-One Home Bartending Tool or the Wine Wedge Stacker. I will have to think this one over carefully…

Wallets are always good Father’s Day gifts and Karma Kiss has some of the most unique selections. For the man who prefers a more traditional style, the Classic Olive Tyvek Wallet is ideal. If your man is a little more whimsical, he might like the $100 Bill Benjamin Wallet. Who wouldn’t enjoy an extra ‘Benjamin’?

Are you working from a budget? That’s no problem because Karma Kiss offers Father’s Day gifts under $20, too. Dad can never have enough pens, can he? Choose a set of pens that align with a special hobby such as the Horse Pens, Not Very Dangerous Tool Pens or the Garden Tool Pens.

Maybe your dad is the hands-on type and would prefer something a little more interactive. There are gifts for Father’s Day that are craftier like the Design Your Own Lamp kit. He can make this himself or with the kids and have a keepsake of his special day.

Some of the best Father’s Day gifts are the simplest ones. Coffee mugs are always appreciated. Your dad can have one at home, one at work and other in the basement, den or garage – wherever he hangs out when he’s off duty. Karma Kiss has a wide variety of mugs that would make a unique Father’s Day gift.

How about the dad that likes to play? What do you get for him? Fortunately I have the answer. The Pagoda Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzle will keep your father busy for hours.

Clothing can also make some of the best gifts for Father’s Day. If your dad is like mine, he’s at the barbeque every weekend and could use a new Barbeque King Apron & Oven Mitt Set. Hats can be fun too. Choose from fisherman style hats or a Pets Newsboy Hat Olive Cat.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure Dad will know he’s special with one of these Father’s Day gift ideas. Take your time and browse the selections. Let Dad, Grandpa and all the special men in your life know how much you appreciate them this Father’s Day.

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