5 Handy Tips for a Fun Camping Trip

Fall is a great time to go camping, and camping is a great way to spend a weekend. Of course, camping can be fun or it can be a hassle (or a little bit of both!). With a few super easy tips, you can make camping easier and more enjoyable.

Tip #1: Waterproof Everything

Waterproof and Camping Shop Now

One of the biggest annoyances when camping is rain, especially if it gets into your stuff. Prevent this from happening by waterproofing your supplies: use waterproof bags, plastic baggies, and tarps to keep the important stuff dry.

Honestly, keeping your supplies nice and dry will make everything else that much simpler.

Tip #2: Turn Your Car's Trunk Into a Mobile Pantry

Trunk PantryThis is one of the greatest ideas ever: keep everything dry, clean, organized, and in reach by turning your trunk or or hatchback into a pantry. Use coolers and plastic drawers to organize your supplies, and you'll have everything you need nice and neat at your fingertips.

One important tip: don't forget to measure your space before you get your drawers and coolers, and choose sizes that will fit comfortably without shifting around too much!

Tip #3: Make Fire Starters

Toilet Paper Fire StarterIt can be extremely frustrating if you're out camping and can't get your fire started. Thankfully, a crazy cheap solution is right at your fingertips, will take you only a few seconds to make before you leave, and are great at their job.

Clean out the lint trap of your dryer, but instead of throwing the lint away and stuff toilet paper rolls with it (don't forget to put them in plastic bags to keep them waterproofed!). Instantly, you have extremely effective fire starters.

When you're ready, put one near the base of your logs and light it. The lint lights very quickly and the toilet paper roll helps keep the heat directed.

Tip #4:  Create a Floor

Kids Foam Mat FloorNot too keen about sleeping in the grass but still want to enjoy your tent and sleeping bag? Here's a solution that allows for both: the bugs, grass, and dirt will stay out of your hair (literally!) without compromising your camping fun. 

Children's foam floor tiles (usually in large square shapes that interlock) are light, easy to put together and take apart, and make a perfect covering. Slide the pieces together and create a perfect floor for your tent.

Tip #5: Easy Morning Coffee

Camping without coffee? No thank you! Make it easy on yourself by creating "coffee bags" that work exactly like tea bags. Before you leave on your trip, take coffee filters and put a scoop or two of coffee grounds in each one. Tie securely with dental floss and store in a waterproof bag.

Coffee Bags

When you're ready, pour a cup of boiling water and add your bag--your coffee will brew in the exact same way a teabag makes tea with no hassle at all!

Camping is a great way to spend time in the outdoors with family and friends, enjoying the season and each other's company. Enjoy!


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