The Latest & Greatest from Karma Kiss

There's something extra exciting about new things. Not always knowing what to expect, the thrill of novelty, the smell of something fresh--it's a heck of a mood-lifter. That's why we want to show you the shiny new stuff we have to offer!

Reindeer Wine Stopper

Reindeer Wine Stopper
When you're ready to add a celebratory, decorative spin to your get together, the Reindeer Wine Topper is the perfect way to set the mood and make everyone smile along the way. 

Plus, if you're looking for a great gift to give a party host as we come into the autumn and winter holiday seasons, this one is an easy winner. It's a functional wine stopper and it looks cool to boot.

Sea Urchin Porcelain Lamp

Sea Urchin Porcelain Lamp

It's nice to relax in the evening in soft lamp light and let the day melt away, and the Sea Urchin Porcelain Lamp is a great way to bring that peacefulness into your home. 

It's the perfect addition to any beach- or seaside-inspired decor, but can fit into any theme with its neutral tone and gentle soothing light. It's a light, but it's also art, and it's a great piece for any home or office.

Pineapple Split Bookend Set

Pineapple Bookend

Speaking of great pieces, the Pineapple Bookend Set is a super fun display piece (and, of course, functional bookend!). It's bright color and cheerful design is bound to put a smile on anyone's face.

Use it on a shelf in the office as a nod to your quirkier side, or use it at home as part of a fun, eclectic feel. Caution, though: it might make you crave pineapple.

Panda Pens -- Set of 4

Panda PensYou have to have pens, right? You could settle for normal pens, but why, when you could have adorable pens like these 4 fun Panda Pens. Good pens, unbelievably cute in their different poses, unique, and the chances of someone accidentally walking away from your desk with one in hand is highly unlikely--what's not to love?

Plus, if you know any panda lovers (and they are out there!), you definitely can't ever go wrong giving this as a gift.

Coloring and Drawing Shapes Stencil -- Loon Space

Turn anything you make into a work of art with these flexible Coloring and Drawing Shapes Stencils that are both so flexible and so sturdy that you can wrap them around curved surfaces to create your masterpieces.

Included in your stencil kit is a poster for your creation and stickers for fun, and this can turn into a great gift, especially for a kid that's going to be traveling and needs something fun and new at their fingertips.

There's always new things coming to Karma Kiss--feed the need for something fresh anytime!

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