5 Perfect Gifts for the New College Student

Wireless Monster Amp

 Wireless Monster Amp

We're all hopelessly connected to our wireless devices, and that may be even more true of your favorite college student. Help make their device go a little bit further with the Wireless Monster Amp

The best thing about this amp is that it works without wires, bluetooth, apps, or syncing. Really, just place your device on top and enjoy the music. When it comes to ease of use, you can't get better than this. It's compact size makes it perfect for using anywhere on campus and it comes in different colors so you can choose the best one. 

Turn it up and turn any moment into a party, easy peasy.

Alchemy Goods Brooklyn Backpack

Alchemy Goods Backpack

Speaking of devices, if you've ever tried to carry around a laptop or iPad for a long period of time, you know what a pain it can be. Not only does it get a little heavy and awkward, but you're constantly worried about dropping it, or heaven forbid, getting it wet. That Alchemy Goods Backpack Insidesudden summer downpour was not made for your laptop, that's for sure.

The Alchemy Goods Brooklyn Backpack is the perfect solution. It's strong and water resistant with adjustable straps for comfort, making it easy to carry a device and all of your needed peripherals safely. It also has plenty of extra room for books and notebooks, looks cool, and the exterior is made from recycled materials.

Stylish, functional, and the perfect way to carry devices around campus? Heck yeah!


Universal USB Rainbow Charger

Universal Rainbow Charger

Carryng your device around is good, but it won't do much good if it's battery is dead. That's why the Universal USB Rainbow Charger is another great gift for the college student in your life. 

There are so many different devices you use in a day, and it seems like every single one has a different charger plug. Keeping track of a bunch of cords and plugs and wires is just a pain in the behind, right? A universal charger is the best solution: one USB plug and a charger plug to fit every common device on the market.

Whatever the device, chances are this charger can charge it. And it's colorful and compact--what's not to love?

Cabin Fever Rustic Cushioned Seat

Cabin Fever Rustic Cushioned Seats

Let's not forget about making the dorm room cool. Yeah, sure, a college student is going to spend a lot of their time around campus, but at the end of the day, they're going to come back to their little slice of home, and it ought to be as comfortable as possible.

The Cabin Fever Rustic Cushioned Seat is comfortable, small, and just plain fun. It's perfect for a dorm or apartment because it's compact, can easily be stored in a corner or closet until needed, but is still comfortable seating for hanging out, watching TV, or playing video games

World Map Wall Clock

World Map Wall Clock

Speaking of making a new dorm or apartment look cool, the World Map Wall Clock does that in spades. The large clock is protected by tempered glass and displays an awesome world map on an 11-inch diameter spread. 

Whether your college kid dreams of traveling the world or is looking for an inspiring piece to round out their space, a functional and stylish wall clock might be exactly the right fit.


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