Fashionable, Fun, & Functional Back-to-School Gifts

If you've got a kiddo of any age headed off to school soon, you've likely been spending a lot of time and energy getting everything ready for the new year. If you're still looking for a couple of stand out pieces, or a gift to give your favorite student that's actually going to appeal to them (I mean, let's be real, kids can be super picky), these gifts might be the thing that sparks the best school year!

Madpax Backpacks

Madpax Blok Half Backpack - Predator Digicamo Red

No matter the age or the school, having a way to carry around the enormous amount Madpax Blok Heavy Metal Backpack - Outer Limitsof stuff school requires is a necessity, and backpacks are the no-brainer solution. that doesn't mean you have to have a boring, purely functional backpack. Get style and convenience together with a Madpax Blok Half Backpack in Red Predator Digicamo (pictured above) or a Blok Heavy Metal Backpack in Outer Limits (pictured right). 

Having roomy space for carrying schoolbooks and notebooks and pens (oh my!) is important, but so is enjoying what you have. Kids spend most of their day in school, and having a cool backpack that also does everything they need it to do? Well that makes it a little more awesome.


Ladybug Pencil & Erasers - Set of 4

Of course, you also have to have the right things to go inside your backpack, and you'll never see a back to school list that doesn't include pencils (and colored pencils and pens and markers and...seriously, the lists are tremendous).

Why settle for any old pencil when you could outfit your school supplies with fun, interesting pencils and pens and accessories?

For instance, the cute Ladybug Eraser & Pencil set of 4 pictured above is perfect in its cuteness and functionality. Take that test and let a ladybug be your companion as you ace it!

Puppy Pencil Sharpeners - Set of 2Having a pencil sharpener on hand can be helpful, so why not make your pencil sharpener be as adorable as it is handy? The Puppy Pencil Sharpeners (pictured left) come in a set of 2 and make sharpening a pencil a less tedious chore all the way around.Humble Gnome Pens - Set of 4

Looking for pens? The Humble Gnome Pens (right) are unmistakably useful while being an entertaining addition to anyone's back-to-school collection.  

And of course, for all those graphs, charts, and maps that require a little bit of color, make it more fun with the Dino Colored Pencils (below), including 36 colored pencils and a convenient (and cool!) container.

Dino Colored Pencils

School can be genuinely tough for kids, sometimes exhausting, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes stressful--social and academic pressures abound. Encouragement can come in all forms: hugs, supportive words, gifts. It's about simple reminders that everything is okay.

Having a little something to smile about at the end of even the toughest school day, that's what it's all about, and we hope we can facilitate a few of those smiles!

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