50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 (Round 1)

Somewhere in the corner of your mind is a word, appearing vaguely until it starts to become clearer, bigger and more significant. We’re talking about the word gifts.The new season sparks the excitement of family reunions, costume parties and Christmas events, and these occasions tag along the joy of gift-giving. Now, some of you may get thrilled, some of you may get nervous. Especially if you’ve got a handful of names you want to give presents to! Don’t fret. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still give out gifts that are fashionable, functional and fun!

Ready to take in the shopping plunge? We’ve got gifts below $50, and we’re sure some of the items on the list will fit your budget and taste!

Round 1: The Smart Shopper

Ah, we love the likes of you. You’re part of the breed who shops smartly, strategically but stylishly. You believe that “the more (gifts), the merrier (the kids are).” And you have planned to stuff their stockings with nicest, most number of items possible. Well, we’ve got packed on some set of products, first thing, on this list. And the best part? They’re going to cost you under $9.99!

  1. Stock on some brainteasers with Mini Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles ($6.99)
  2. Give little girls the chance to perk up their puckers with Polka Dot Candy Lip Gloss ($2.69)
  3. How about a hand in writing with Handi Pens? ($3.19)
  4. For the cat lovers, Cat Toothbrush Holder! ($6.69)
  5. Anyone with the sweet tooth will love the Runaway Wind Up Cakes – Set Of 3 ($4.81)
  6. Put a badge on your little bug lover with the Happy Bug Pins ($46)
  7. Let them enjoy the ride with Bumper Car No Fall Wind Ups ($19)
  8. The cutest eraser with sharpener: Teddy Bear Erasers With Sharpener Backpack – Set Of 3 ($7.99)
  9. A lovely set of coasters with butterfly print, Papiliones Butterfly Coasters – Set Of 4 ($8.99)
  10. Stay reminded of your tasks with this cute series of memo pads: Tallyho Let’s Go Sticky Memos – Happy Birdies ($99)

Round 2 is coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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