50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 (Round 2)

Yesterday, we’ve talked about how you can buy gifts in sets so you can give bigger quantities away. This time, we’re taking things up a notch. Ready for the second part of our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 gift guide? Here you go!

Round 2: The Practical Saver

What we’re thinking is this: you’re not stingy, but definitely not someone who splurges. You want to make the best of both worlds: buying something charming and cheap at the same time. You’re quite lucky, because if you’ve got $20, you can buy one or two of these unique specials. Check this list out!

  1. The most decorative woodland animal to add to someone’s room: LED Nightlight Woodland Twilights Hedgehog ($14.00)
  2. For a friend who loves to cook, this timer might help them check their dishes on time! Mini Time Bomb Timer ($19)
  3. Give the gift of a green thumb with Grow It! Bonsai Trees ($15.99)
  4. Improve someone’s home hosting skills with the Good Times – Cocktail Party Gift Set ($15.99)
  5. For the big drinker, the Extra Large Tiki Mug will satisfy their thirst! ($10.15)
  6. Perfect for the baking enthusiasts, TEACUPCAKES Bake & Serve Cupcake Molds ($00)
  7. The coolest pens for your homegrown handyman: Not Very Dangerous Tool Pens – Set Of 4 ($99)
  8. A perfect saving gift for your sporty family member, Bowling Pin Money Bank ($15.25)
  9. Give someone the joy of being outdoors, even while being indoors with the Campfire Night Light ($10.90)
  10. This is an adorable little trinket to give a loved one: True Heart” Greeting Card, Necklace & Charm ($11.95)

Loved the list? We’ve got Round 3 coming up tomorrow! See how you can save money and buy amazing gifty items here on Karma Kiss!

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