50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 (Round 3)

We’re already midway through our 50 Amazing Gifts Under $50gift guide, and so far, I hope you’re enjoying your finds. In this section, we’re talking about buying uncommon gifts without spending too much! Are you ready for the 3rd round of our list? Read on!

Round 3: The Brilliant Buyer

You’re the type of shopper that loves breaking out of the normcore. You’re adventurous, curious and interesting, always on the lookout for something fresh and exciting in the market. Some people may think you’re on the edge, but you love being extraordinary. You prefer to be extraordinary. Well, guess what. Karma Kiss is created just for the types of you, and we’re bringing you the most unique items in the most delightful sense!

  1. For someone who needs a hug, the Spa And Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear will do the trick! ($26.40)
  2. Wake up in Japan with the Japanese Garden Alarm Clock White With Red & Blk Posies ($22.49)
  3. Perfect for the canine lovers, Blue Dachshund Shelf Decor ($28.99)
  4. How about a fashionable Pets Newsboy Hat Brown Dog for your old man? ($19)
  5. Bring in the beauty of the seasons in seasonings with Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set ($29.85)
  6. This is the perfect laptop bag for the glamorous girl: Ciao Fluff Scooter Girl Laptop Bag ($29.99)
  7. Check your brain and beyond with the Personalize It – Diy IQ Test ($29.99)
  8. The best drinking vessel for your beloved Viking, Das Horn Beer Drinking Vessel ($25.00)
  9. A charming starter gift for mums: Baby Care Kit Mommy’s Magic Kit Teal ($25.00)
  10. Pillows can be hipsters too, especially this one: Decorative Pillow Hipster 15×15 ($29.00)

Take your gifting prowess up a notch with the next round of gifts under $50! Stay glued to this gifting guide and discover lovely products to give away this coming holiday season!

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