50 Amazing Gifts Under $50 (Round 5)

Here we are! The final leg of our 50 Gifts Under $50gift guide. In this particular post, we’ll tell you how you can pick special items to give to your favorite people. All within your $50 budget, that is! Sounds good? Let’s get it on:

Round 5: The Favored Purchaser

You’ve got some favorites, and you want to make it known they’re special. You’re not going to give them the same gifts you’ve given to your office mates or to your child’s friend. It’s raising the bar a bit higher for these individuals who made your life more charming in one way or another. On a hunt? You might want to take a peek at the products we’ve listed down for you. And yes, they’re still under $50!

  1. For the bartender-wanna-be, the BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool – Green can help him make amazing drinks! ($49.99)
  2. A Karma Kiss favorite, no home should ever be without a Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar ($49.99)
  3. Let your little toddler sit down on the cutest, most comfortable Cushioned Toadstool Chair! ($44.49)
  4. The young ones will love leaping with the Bouncy Inflatable Howdy Cow – White ($44.00)
  5. Top off that Christmas tree with the Starlightz Ambient Star Lamp – Rani Black ($41.99)
  6. Amplify your teenager’s favorite tune with a schoolbag: Boombox Masta Blasta Backpack (with Speaker) ($49.99)
  7. Reminisce the wonders of a rock icon with Late Greats Pillow Doll Freddie Mercury ($42.99)
  8. The Bowl Rope Coil – White will be the most interesting décor on the table yet.
  9. Share some luck with the Dancing Dragon Mobile The Life Dragon ($49.00)
  10. Illuminate dark and dull corners with the Table Lamp Rock Star ($44.00)

There goes the end of our list. But don’t worry, we’ve got more of these shopping guides coming your way this Autumn season! With these lists, you’ll never run out of items to give out. And we’re making sure it fits your budget to a tee.

See you again on our next batch of gift guides!  Happy Friday, everyone!

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