Knock His Socks Off – 40 Manly Stocking Stuffers for $25 or Less!

Stop!  He doesn’t need another tie.  He also doesn’t want you running around (and stressing yourself out) trying understand his deepest desires and thus unearthing the holy grail of gifts.  Us guys are pretty easy.  Besides, we’ve already done all that horrible leg work for you!  So, go make yourself a fresh cup of coffee, put on some of that ‘easy-listening adult-contempo’ and let us help you get to the bottom of it.

Let’s Break It Down:

Below you’ll find six great starting points for that guy this holiday season.


Help him stay on top of things with these handy little gift ideas.

The Hand Tool Pen Set of 4: $21.99

hand tool pen set of 44 realistic looking hand tool pens make for a creative way of taking your home improvement ideas to the drawing board!


The KeySmart Key Organizer: $19.99

KeySmart Key OrganizerThrow away that bulky keychain! With this neat little gadget, all your keys will be kept compact and easily accessible in this swiss army knife style key organizer.


A Personalized Pocket Knife: $ 19.99

Personalized Pocket KnifeWith a classic design, and contoured handle with wood accents, personalize this beautiful pocket knife with up to three initials.


Make Your Own Duct Tape Wallet: $18.00

Make Your Own Duct Tape WalletA great gift for someone with a touch of an alternative style. This creative choice includes two rolls of Platypus designer duct tape (a water resistant, durable product with a matte finish), 4 quality metal corners to create a great finished look, and easy to follow instructions and templates.


HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle: $19.46

HydraCoach water bottleThe world’s first interactive water bottle.  Perfect for the health conscience guy, or someone who’s trying to be.  This water bottle will calculate your personal hydration needs, track your consumption, and motivate you to stay on track!



Keep him in touch with his passion for travel!

Magnetic Cork World Atlas Message Board: $29.99

Magnetic Cork MapAn excellent addition to any student’s room, or a quirky office space.  This message board will allow you to keep reminders at the forefront and brush up on your geography at the same time!


Analog Travel Luggage Scale: $8.99

Luggage ScaleAvoid hold ups at the airport, or extra baggage fees.  This compact luggage scale comes complete with measuring tape for checking size restrictions as well as a light weight scale reading up to 77lbs.


Scratch Map: $20.00

scratch mapKeep track of your adventures and plan for more! This interactive map lets you watch your globetrotting progress as you scratch destinations off your list.


Torch Light and Compass Set (Engraved): $25.00

Torch Light and compass setA great addition for the outdoorsman. A sturdy compass and torch flashlight with personalized engraved handle.


Zippo Hand Warmer: $10.00

Zippo Hand WarmerPerfect for camping, skiing, snowboarding, or just those cold winter days.  Slip the Zippo Hand Warmer inside your gloves for up to 12 hours of added warmth.


Hobo Knife: $26.00

Hobo KnifeExtremely versatile and perfect for the back-packer at heart.  This pocket knife comes with removable fork, knife and spoon.


My Stubs Ticket Album: $17.20

Ticket Stub AlbumKeep your euro-trip memories stored beautifully in one place with this Ticket Stub scrap book.  Complete with 32 pages and a personalized touch on the cover.



From that morning cup of Joe to that long rant about hops and barley we’ve got you covered.

Moustache Dad Coffee Mug: $14.49

Moustache Dad Coffee MugFor the guy who can’t handle a conversation until after that first cup of coffee, add a splash of humor to his morning with this mug made specially for Dad.


DOOMED Skull Shot Glass: $6.00

DOOMED shot glassGreat for collectors, or gents with a taste for the particularly harsh spirits.  With this beautifully crafted shot glass, his favorite beverages will look as good as they taste…


Das Horn Beer Drinking Vessel: $25.00

Das Horn CupDrink as the Vikings do! The 24oz. Drinking Horn comes with table stand and neck strap.  As hilarious as it is manly!


Porthole Flask: $22.00

Porthole FlaskA unique blend of classic and modern taste, this 5oz. stainless steel flask comes with a convenient porthole for easy filling and a swivel clasp for attaching to a belt or pocket chain.


Beer Holster: $11.99

Beer HolsterWith this genuine leather holster your favorite beer will never be far away.  Perfect for backyard BBQs and parties, the Beer Holster keeps your hands free for telling those larger-than-life stories.


The U.S. Micro-Brewed Beer Club: $24.95

US Microbrew clubTwelve, 12oz. bottles of hand-crafted beer in four different styles along with their monthly newsletter, this is a great way to add a little distinction to your already distinct tastes.


Madison Avenue Slim Whiskey Decanter: $14.99

Whiskey DecanterWelcome home the 1960’s with this vintage style whiskey decanter.  The timeless look of the Madison Avenue Whiskey Decanter will add the perfect touch of class to your home bar.



For the guy who collects it, grows it, or plays it: You’re welcome.

The Wine Wedge Stacker: $15.69

Wine Wedge StackerFor a unique way to display your wine collection, this consists of two silicone wedges designed as wine glasses for a fantastic and affordable way to showcase your favorite vintages.


Grow it! Cactus Plants: $15.99

Grow It! CactusA great new project for the guy with the green thumb.  Add a little variety to your hobby with this collection of cacti complete with seeds, growing pots and coconut husk compost discs.

Also see:

Pick Punch: $21.75

Pick PunchAbsolutely a must have for the guitar enthusiast! This hole-punch style guitar pick cutter turns unwanted cards into your own personalized musical accessories.


101 Things Every Man Should Know: $12.29

Called 101 things every man should knowthe ultimate manthology, this hilarious book is a perfect read to get him up to speed on everything he needs to know about growing a beard, bribing the cable guy, fighting a bear, etc…


Geek Soap: $2.50+

Geek SoapHand-crafted geek soap made by geeks.  Now you can keep yourself clean with novelty soap bars made from detergent free, vegan friendly ingredients.



For the guy who can’t put down that crossword puzzle until he understands the meaning of the universe.

Pagoda Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzle – Dome: $19.19

Pagoda PuzzelGreat for the puzzle lover, or simply as a curious piece of decoration for guests.



Cards Against Humanity: $25.00

Cards Against HumanityTaking the world by storm, this simple and hilarious party game will bring out the most vulgar side of anyone. Expansion packs available for $10,00.


Little Book of Crossword Secrets: $5.99

Book of Crossword SecretsLearn to understand the logic and unravel the mystery of the cryptic clues of any crossword puzzle with this little book of secrets.


Sudokube: $4.99

SudokubeTake your Rubik’s cube skills to the next level with this Sudoku version of the classic puzzle.



Quarto: $31.95

QuartoA little more than $25.00 but a classic from the Mensa winning game collection




Personalized Naughty Coupons or Lovers: $24.95

Naughty CouponsAfter the holidays are over and all your relatives have returned to their respective homes, you’ll be glad you can unwind and have a little fun with these custom, sexy coupons!


Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad: $9.28

Dude, you're gonna be a dadHopefully this book will take that petrified look off his face.  An easy to read guide through the next nine months of the expectant father.


Campfire Cologne: $12.00

Campfire Cologne“Clear your mind” and bring out your inner man with these campfire scented incense fragrances.



Personalized Leather Money Clip: $21.25

leather money clipEmboss up to three initials on this classy genuine leather money clip.  Available in both black and brown, it’s the perfect accessory for a whiskey neat.


How To Raise a Gentleman: $8.99

How to Raise a gentlemanA civilized guide to helping your son through his uncivilized childhood.



For other excellent gift ideas, check out our full selection of products in our store!

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