6 Summer Standouts: Best Sellers

What's the best way to know what's good? Follow the money! No one's going to spend their money on something they think isn't worth it, and that's why we can say with confidence that these products are the best of the best: why? Because they're the best-selling gifts on Karma Kiss.

We love pleased smiles and spontaneous laughter--it's what we hope you'll experience whenever you shop here, starting with the popular gifts below!

Polar Bear Wild Memo Holder

Wild Memo Holder Polar Bear

If the summer heat is getting to you, this little buddy can help remind you of cooler times. The Polar Bear Wild Memo Holder not only holds blank note papers, pens, and clips, it also holds current reminders in its mouth.Wild Memo Holder Dinosaur

Cute? Check. Cool? Well, obviously. Functional? Completely. No wonder he's so popular!

If Polar Bears aren't your style but you like the idea of the cute wild memo holder, there's a Dinosaur and a Stallion waiting for you to check them out.

Mighty Swords Pens - Set of 4

Mighty Swords Pens

Television has made knights, armor, swords, and anything related to medieval aesthetics extremely popular, but it's not like you can run around in a suit of armor or carrying a sword, even if it's thin enough to be a needle.

You can, however, carry around a pen that looks like an awesome sword. These Mighty Swords Pens come in a set of 4 and have amazing detail; you might even be tempted to hold an impromptu sword fight.

Whale Salt & Pepper Set

Whale Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Want something whimsical and fun to add to your table? This Whale Salt & Pepper Shaker Set are the perfect addition. Super cute but not over-the-top, they'll bring a little flare to any table or kitchen.

Give them as a summer hostess gift or set a summer picnic table or beach party with them for an extra summer-inspired tone. Add them to your ocean- or wildlife- or fun-themed kitchen or any existing shaker collection.

Bon Voyage Travel Coasters

Bon Voyage Coasters

If you find yourself in the midst of a staycation, you might be looking for some ways to put Bon Voyage Coaster Setyourself in the moment. The Bon Voyage Travel Coasters can help (or make you wish you could hop on a plane) with their fun, colorful nod to popular, sunny destinations.

With their bright colors and bold designs, they'll be the perfect spot for your cold one as you kick back and imagine being at the beach. Can't go on vacation? Bring vacation to you!

Funny Side Up Egg Corral Owl

Funny Side Up Egg Corral Owl

Funny Side Up Egg Corral OwlWhether you want to bring fun to breakfast or you've got an aspiring child chef, the Funny Side Up Egg will turn your eggs into an adorable owl--talk about a cute breakfast! Pair it with sausage, bacon, or toast and make a perfect scene for that breakfast in bed or favorite kiddo.

It's super easy to use, so anyone in the family can have fun making cute eggs!

Adam the Doodles Man

Adam the Doodles Man

You know that time in the afternoon when you're sitting at your desk and the words start to swim before your eyes? You sit back in your chair, give them a rub, maybe grab a cup of coffee, and find something else to do for a few minutes.

Well, Adam the Doodles Man can be your friend when you need to take a break from the thoughts and words (and phone calls!). He's fun to play with and can bend in any direction, so you can pose him and display him any way you like! And he doesn't talk. Ever. Promise!

If you're looking for something to smile about that you know will be a hit, these gifts are quite literally at the top of the list. Go ahead and pick your favorite!

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