7 Mugs to Wet Your Whistle During Oktoberfest

Get those steins ready — Oktoberfest is around the corner! Held annually in Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest is a traditional beer festival that runs from late September to the first weekend in October. Many other cities host their own Oktoberfest celebrations modeled after the German event. Whether you’re flying to Deutschland, headed to a friend’s party, or hosting your own Oktoberfest extravaganza, here are seven mugs to wet your whistle while you drink:


  1. Ceramic My Cave Mug: For those who feel the best way to kick off a party is with 20 ounces of your favorite brew, be the first to set the rules for Oktoberfest — your party, your cave, your rules. With “My Cave My Rules” emblazoned against a black background, this sturdy stoneware mug will hold up to any Oktoberfest shenanigans.

Ceramic Mug My Cave

  1. Mug Brawny Builder: The saw as a handle and wood painted look of this ceramic mug lets you take your Oktoberfest celebrations in a decidedly woodsy direction. It’s a perfect compliment to lederhosen outfits!

Mug Brawny Builder

  1. Mug Tough & Rugged Steel Plate: If all that drinking wears you down, toughen up with this ceramic mug featuring a crosshatched design. Stout and solid, this resilient mug can withstand any kind of liquid, hot or cold, for a short while or all night long.

Mug Tough & Rugged Steel Plate

  1. Mug Cup O’Bones Skull:Minimalist in pristine white, this ghoulish mug may seem more appropriate for Halloween than Oktoberfest. That said, this unique mug is a great way to both frighten and delight your drinking cohorts while reviving your spirits.

Mug Cup O' Bones Skull

  1. Nesting Dolls Tea for Two Set: Mash up two cultures — Russian and German — by filling this dual teacup and teapot with your favorite beer. Alternately, if you’re just looking for some tea after too much beer, stack the tea cup to create one large nesting doll pattern or separate them to enjoy a fresh brew with the teapot and cup.


  1. Counting Numbers Mug: Serving as an all-in-one counting and a drinking game, these numerical mugs really add up to something special. Get a few to make your lucky number! Mix and match, or use them to help you taste test your favorite beers during Oktoberfest by adding ambers to number 4, IPAs in number 7, hefeweizens in number 9, and so on.

Counting Numbers Mug #0 - #9

  1. Ceramic Mug Fat and Jolly:So what if this mug is definitely designed more for the holidays? Oktoberfest is a holiday! In bright cherry red, the mug’s message — “It’s that time of year when it’s good to be fat and jolly” — is just as true now as it is in December!

Ceramic Mug Fat And Jolly

Which mug will you drink out of during Oktoberfest?

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